Group Rules

1 Read the Pinned Post in the FB group and Comment below the post that you have read it. If you don't comment, it is assumed you have read it.

2 Bring the best of yourself to the group. Think about how you will show up for your clients and use that as the way to show up here. High Vibes only please!

3 Share your value and input that is only related to the topics we discuss. (MONEY, ENERGY, BUSINESS, LIFE, MANIFESTING, MIRACLES, SUCCESS AND MINDSET STUFF)

4 Please do not use this space to self promote EVER! No logos, websites, link etc. Admin reserve the right to remove them and cancel your membership.

5 No other FB group promotion or sharing your own group here please

6 Please put relationship and connections top of your list. No spamming other members. This is not cool.

7 Ask questions! Obvious I know but the way to get help and support is to ask questions.

8 Keep all correspondence within the group - Lynne will not respond to Private Messages.

9 Take your success seriously, show up for it and you'll attract more success into your life.

10 Do not take Lynne's teachings and then go on each on them. Make all your work your own!

11 Cancel your membership by emailing - NOT through Paypal or your credit card or you may get charged again. 

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