Money Mastery

Your breakthrough to abundance

The biggest struggle you face as an entrepreneur is that you cannot breakthrough to WEALTH!

Of course wealth can be lots of things: Happiness, confidence or health but in this case it's MONEY!

As a Business Coach, I get asked ALL the time, how did I master my money MINDSET, and get out of that STUCK, DESPERATE, UNCERTAIN zone?

Well the truth is, I made the DECISION that enough was enough. I was done with feeling poor, I'd had enough of borrowing money, feeling inadequate around investments and ignoring my bills.

I learnt that MONEY does not go to people with certain attributes or prerequisites, it can actually be brought into your life through your beliefs, your practices/rituals and manifestations.

Similar to losing weight, you won't lose weight by not paying attention to what you eat or the exercise routine you have. YOu have to make the effort and commitment. MONEY is no different, it loves you to pay attention to it and commit to loving it in your life.

I got real with what outgoings my money needed to cover, where it leaked out to and what I brought in DAILY!

I didn't just do this ONCE, I do it EVERY day!

WHY? Because if I stop then money becomes icky, DIFFICULT and it simply stops FLOWING.

Do you feel that:

  • You never have ENOUGH money, not even for coffee, to get your hair done or the small essentials

  • You're still in debt despite trying to pay things off and spending less

  • You pathetically live month to month - every month

  • You would like to treat yourself to lunch with friends, a nice massage or some new clothes

  • You have zero savings

  • All your money goes on bills and last month's overspending

  • Money makes you anxious or stressed ALL the time

  • You spend with guilt or secrecy, you just can't help it.

  • You don't acknowledge your bills. They get put in a pile until you get a reminder.

  • You would love to go out more with friends or travel the world but money holds you back

  • If you get money at all it just slips through your fingers

My Sweet Success - Lynne Taggart

I know how you feel, and believe me you are not alone. I struggled for 10 years as an entrepreneur with this stuff.

I'm going to share with you the EXACT steps I took to mastering my money mindset and becoming soulfully aligned with money.

Having spent the last two years cleaning up my money mindset, creating NEW BELIEFS, being OPEN to receiving money, understanding the FLOW of money, getting INTIMATE with money and many more adjustments.

I share it all with YOU in this training!


"There is no reason for worry about financial affairs. Every person who wills to do so may rise above his want, have all he needs, and become rich." Wallace D. Wattles

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