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When I asked Spirit how I could serve my clients in a more powerful way I was told Energy Healing. I've been self-healing for the last 5 years, quietly receiving guidance, working with ascended masters and guides and allowing myself to release, ascend and integrate.

What I know for sure is that healing is the one thing that will help you remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck from attracting all the things you desire now.

Your Birthright


Especially if you’ve tried mindset work, affirmations, mantras, meditation and yet you know there’s a next level with your name on it.

Healing will allow the blocks to be removed for good as we work with Divine source energy.

Your only role is to step back and embody your next level of expansion and receiving.

God/Source/Universe wants you to live a wealthy, happy, fulfilled life doing what you love.

Energy healing will support you to get out of your own way and finally level up again and again.

+ effortlessly receiving high level clients
+ raising your prices with ease
+ becoming the number one thought leader in your niche
+ manifesting everything you desire with ease
+ never making yourself wrong for wanting more

This is really about being spiritually connected and realising that abundance is your birthright.


when everyone else is still looking outward for answers you'll be healing your way through

Healing gets to the root of limiting beliefs, stories, patterns that are keeping you stuck

Invest in Healing?


Business strategy will only take you so far. Energy is everything, every thought, feeling, word and emotion. 

Top level CEO's, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders are turning to energy healing as their secret sauce to success

You've hit a success plateau and are being guided to take full responsibility for this and shift it for good

You're ready to be divinely connected and tap into greater Universal energies to create your dream life and business

You feel guided to learn more about your soul and how to bring it into your business for greater financial reward


Energy Healing is a powerful modality that helps you to release, heal and transform subconscious blocks that prevent you from receiving, expanding and allowing more.

It helps to reorganise and shift energy, through connection to God/Universe/Spirit. It facilities healing on physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

Energy Healing is a must for anyone who wants to get to the root of feelings, thoughts and patterns that they are ready to release for good.

energy healing helps you to release blocks to unlimited abundance, higher paying clients, living your purpose, manifesting more and enjoying your most divinely fulfilled lIfe.


In 2014 I had a breakdown of sorts. Constant anxiety, led to crippling pain, weight loss and no self-esteem. Chronic IBS, depression and inflammatory acne were all ways that my body was screaming at me to get my attention.

I was determined not to go to the doctors and began researching alternatives. I Googled how to meditate. Meditation was soon my new #bff. It helped me to stay calm and spend time by myself, exploring, listening, being present.

During this time of meditating twice every day, Spirit began to communicate with me. I was guided along a path of spiritual discovery, learning and growth.

By 2017 I created my second 6-figure business, helping spiritual entrepreneurs to launch and grow their own online business.

Truthfully I didn't feel complete. I stepped back from building my online business and focused on serving my oils clients and growing that business. And with this came deep cellular healing. In slowing down I created sacred space for myself and began quantum healing across timelines, souls and ancestral lines. 

I suffered from more physical pain as I allowed deep emotions that had been buried for years, to be released for healing. It wasn't pretty but it was a beautiful time of learning all the ways I could heal with spiritual guidance.

on the other side of healing came massive clarity, deep alignment, divine inspiration, ways to be of higher service and my entire business was reborn from the highest frequency of love.

Healing has brought me self-love, compassion and courage. Healing has helped me to realise my worth and step into limitless abundance.

Healing has helped me to stop dieting, exercise in a way that supports my body and love the body I'm in.

Healing has enabled me to absolutely love my work and love growing a business. Healing has allowed me to live a spiritual lifestyle, embody my most divine essence and expand my energy, mission and legacy to all the women who need me.

healing has brought me the freedom to step into a place of high high service.

I will chat with you to learn more on your goals, intentions and questions. 
If you decide to work with me I will then tune into your energy and begin working with you.
I will not do anything without your consent.

During your healing container, I will be your intuitive guide, energy healer and mentor for all the things as they arise.

I will work via distance healing sessions, Voxer communication App and email (Lynne's team).

I don't make you book in for calls as I know you're just too busy. Simply message me when you need guidance.

You will have unlimited access to me and my team during office hours.

This is a 3 month minimum commitment.
It's the only way you will get to work with me one-on-one in 2020. I don't offer single sessions as it's not supportive enough. Healing takes time to integrate physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please email with any further questions

For best price pay in full. Monthly payment plan option.

Heal Your Blocks Details


Working with Lynne is POWERFUL! Within just 30 minutes I felt my entire life start to shift. I removed blocks that were keeping me and my business from moving forward, and I became clear on what my next big steps were to massively uplevel my services. Lynne’s work is potent, and Lynne herself is genuinely caring and beyond gifted. Lynne is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business. 


As an Energy Healer, I'm obsessed with the spiritual realm and working with the divine to consciously create the most joyful fulfilled live.

I've been self-employed from the age of 23 and hustled my way in retail, creating a 6-figure store and online business.

After having two children I felt the call to be more and connect to myself.
This is when Spirit began communicating with me. 
I've been providing deep intuitive healing to private clients and watching them have massive outer success. 

The correlation between spiritual healing and creating your reality is real.
You really can remove all your limiting beliefs and return to your core state of love and truth, in order to receive more.

Divine Energy Healer

Why me?

lynne is certified in reiki 1 & 2 and theta healing, she offers intuitive healing and works with ascended masters and guides during sessions.

lynne facilitates healing through private sessions and distance energy healing. 

My intention is to support you deeply to heal ALL your limiting beliefs, clear and release all negative energies, communicate with consciousness, receive divine guidance and be deeply healed.

Healing happens on subconscious, conscious, core and past live levels.

You can receive healing as you feel you need it and Lynne will carry out distance healing on you as required.

Lynne ensures she is a clean, clear vessel, in a high vibrational state, embodying light, to tune in and support you.

Lynne carries out healing through creating sacred space, tuning into your soul, receiving guidance from the Divine, communicating with you to open and balance chakras, working with your angels and guides, quantum healing across timelines and intuitively offering you healing.