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The secrets I used to catapult my business from hobby status to thriving success!

I'm Lynne Taggart, an online Business Coach showing you how to align with your true purpose in life, allowing you to create your dream life and business.

For ten years as an entrepreneur I went round in circles, looking for the answers as to why I felt so unfulfilled. No matter what milestones I reached, achievements I met or qualifications I added to my credibility, I just had a massive longing inside me.

I would go to bed wondering why SUCCESS happened to others, not to me.

Why I never had the INCOME I thought I deserved.

Why it was taking so LONG to reach my goals.

Why I was STUCK in the same routine with no excitement.

Why my husband, kids and family were NOT ENOUGH for me.

I was stuck in a THANKLESS attitude, blaming the outside world for my feelings. 

When I began to look at ME, and ask myself these questions, I started to realise the answers were within me, I could help myself.

That realisation that I could self align with success was such a wake up call!

I started to experience huge shifts in my mindset, I began to feel more aligned in my business and I went to bed happy and woke up full of purpose. My 'kitchen table' business started to really take off and build momentum.

As I began to share this with my clients they were intrigued to know more! They were always asking what did I do to align myself, to keep on track and to feel in control without the stress.

They needed a daily go-to guide, that would allow them to get clear on their goals, build a strong success mindset and step into their power.

I'm delighted to share the result with you and hope you can apply it freely.

I'm so happy to be of service to beautiful driven women from all around the world!


Freely in control of your day and your time

Lovingly self cared for and nurtured by YOU

Soulfully in line with your deepest desires

Blissfully happy despite stressful situations

Purpose driven and energetic throughout your day

Truly authentic to who you are and the path you are on

Completely fulfilled with the life you are creating

Peaceful in your daily approach to life and business

Successful and in love with everything about yourself


Then let's get started!

This practice is intended for you to handwrite, so I have provided handy printables for you to print or if you prefer use a journal.

This is your sacred time away from technology, to allow no distractions and to encourage those creative juices to flow!

Click the icons below to get started

This practice will be the best 15-20 minutes of your day!

Begin by reading through your ZEN DEN GUIDE followed by the DAILY SOUL PRACTICE GUIDE.

Once you are familiar with the practice then calm the mind by doing your meditation.

This will help you to clear space for the journalling exercises in the DAILY SOUL PRACTICE guide.

Zen Den Guide

Divine Purpose Meditation

Meditation is a profound spiritual practice that you can practice throughout the day, and you don't have to be spiritual, just give it a go! It will take practice to allow yourself to sit still. The more you do it the better you will become, be patient with yourself.

What I love most is the inner clarity and space that meditation creates, allowing you to control our mind throughout the day.

 Use this meditation to connect to your inner guide, to ask for guidance in life and business, and to hear those nudges from the Universe (or whatever you believe in).


Daily Soul Practice guide

Please take the time to read and absorb this guide.

It's yours forever, and I trust you find it as helpful as I do!


Some handy printables for you to use daily!

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