What do you live each day by? What are your values? Do you live, breathe and share what you believe?

For years I was the goody two shoes! I rarely stepped out of line at school, I never bunked off work or spoke back to my boss.

I always did as I was asked. Far too often I said 'yes' to things that I did NOT want to do. I was led instead of being a leader.

Only recently have I changed this but my gosh I so wish I had of stepped up sooner! Today, for example, I posted in a FB group about my beliefs on a topic close to my heart. It sparked controversy, got everyone talking and many people thanked me for taking a stand for what I believe in.

I have been empowered to change myself through wanting to change what has been ruled by fear all my life. I was fearful of my teachers, bullies, my bosses and fear was keeping me stuck.

Fear kept me stuck in the same repetitive patterns.

Where in life is FEAR KEEPING YOU STUCK?

Fear can keep you from believing in yourself, from chasing your dreams, from stepping into your light, from investing in yourself, from daring to be different and from embracing THE REAL YOU. And most importantly from YOUR MESSAGE SERVING OTHERS.

When you fully step into your truest most authentic self, where you stop pretending everything is ok, where you admit you want more, where you become a better parent or teacher or partner, the whole Universe lines up to give you what you want.

Fear is one of the topics I love to work on with my one on one clients. We go deep, address the fears, face the fears and release the fears.


Would it give you the opportunity to MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE right now ?

I've been guided to open up 4 private 1-1 Coaching spots for the women who want to do exactly that!

For 24 Hours only I'm offering 4 exclusive private 1-1 coaching spots to this introductory coaching program, at a low investment level.

It will be a live 4 Week program starting next week, designed to take you from starter to ENTREPRENEUR!


This program includes the following:

Week 1 - Get clarity on what you can do NOW to make money.

Week 2 - Work from a place of purpose, alignment and authenticity

Week 3 - Get clear on your desires, set your intentions and work towards your goals

Week 4 - Master you money mindset to bring in money ASAP!

The results you can expect include:

-Finally get crystal clear on what exactly you can do to make money.

-Declare your truest desires to the Universe and bring them in.

-Discover your deepest purpose and take steps towards your goals in line with that purpose.

-Side step fear, procrastination, self doubt, self sabotage and all the other things that have held you back for years.

-Get rid of your limiting money blocks that have kept you from creating the wealth you deserve.


I'm super excited to work with the women who feel called to join me!!!

You can read more HERE!

This offer closes in 8 hours AT 6PM (GMT) or sooner when the 4 spaces are gone!!!

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Please do not hesitate to follow your dreams. I know how it feels to leave dreams and visions on the table and regret it later.

Please HIT REPLY to ask me more, I'm happy to answer your questions.

You can read more HERE!

Love and light

Lynne xx