Using your Mala to remain focused on your goals!

Where there is willingness, there is always a way. It’s just a matter of identifying the path to get
there, this is what goals are for. Setting goals aligns you with your truth and transforms dreams
into reality.

Goals draw the roadmap to your desired destination. To get to the top of the mountain you must
start with one step at time. After you’ve set your goal, zoom out and really look at the bigger
picture what steps can you take Today? Tomorrow? What obtainable weekly goals can you
establish? Write them down and hold yourself true to them. Suddenly something that once
seemed impossible and infinite is tangible and reachable.

When we are on the path to living our truth, we are operating from the heart. This generates
powerful positive energy and momentum towards our desired future. Your mala can act as a
strong daily reminder that we are the authors of our own future and anything we want to do in
this world is possible. You just have to set a goal and then go for it!

Using your mala during your practice can encourage growth, stability and support; Here’s a few
ways you can incorporate your mala into your daily practice.

1) Grounding
Inhale, exhale… Grab your mat, blankets, or comfy pillow. Find a comfortable seated position
with a straight spine rooting yourself to the ground. Gently close your eyes or soften your gaze
allowing yourself to dive inwards. Wear your mala around your neck, wrist or hold in your hand
with your favorite mudra.

2) Choose Your Mantra
Take a moment to choose your mantra to guide you through your meditative practice. What
intention did you set this morning when you woke? What emotion does your mala evoke within
you? Your intention is personal to you- it can be a thought, a word, a sentence or song. Once
you have chosen your mantra chant it aloud or silently as a reminder of reaching your goal.

3) Japa Meditation
Hold your Mala Beads in your right hand allowing it to drape between the thumb and middle
finger. Starting at the Guru Bead or the sacred stone- gently roll each bead while repeating your
mantra. Repeat this 108 times, or until you are back at the sacred stone.

4) Yoga Practice

Place your Mala beads at the top of your yoga mat. Allow your goal and intention to flow through
you guiding you through. If you feel yourself getting lost in the physical practice, use the goal and intention you set with your Mala Beads to bring yourself back to the present.