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Soul bites from my heart to yours. Ready to create ripples of love around the World. Enjoy!

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Using your Mala to remain focused on your goals!

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Using your Mala to remain focused on your goals!

You may recall my previously, my story around my money struggle. I got such a great response from women who are still in that struggle.

And all that comes up is that I want to help you, massively.

How to Drop the Struggle

Does the online World baffle you? One month you have clients next month you don’t. It’s so easy to get deflated. But hang in there because I’m going to share some top tips that I have learned to get your clients buying from you with ease.

Love Them So They Buy

Imagine showing up naked to a party. No clothes, no makeup, zilch.

How scary would that be?

You enter the room and everyone starts whispering and sniggering. There’s nowhere to hide. You’re exposed and feeling the most vulnerable you’ve ever been.

This is the worst moment of your life.

The Truth of You!

Just one year ago I started receiving paying coaching clients.

It wasn’t a steady stream, but every single one of those clients became my beacon of light, they showed me what was possible when I believed in my soul’s purpose.

A Year From Now…

I’m laughing as I write this email as ‘fur coat no knickers’ is a popular British saying that basically means, superficially positive on the outside but common on the inside.

Fur Coat No Knickers!

It was the most stressed I’d ever been and I felt like absolute CRAP!

I was eating less than my 4 year old…

I’ve never told anyone this…

As I write to you I’m waiting to board my plane for a trip to the States. Just 6 months ago I did not see this coming in my business.

Playing Hopscotch With Your Truth?

Are you one of those entrepreneurs that’s in the grind stage where EVERYTHING seems really hard, you’re exhausted continually and you worry far too much about the perfection of what you’re doing?

I can relate. That was me up until last year. I thought that work had to be hard, that it was a woman’s prerogative to be constantly tired and that being the ‘Queen of Perfection’ was uber cool. Boy was I wrong!

Have FUN to Grow Your Biz!

In my twenties, I had it all, the man, the car, the job, my health and lots of fun at the weekends.

Then one day a bombshell was dropped in our office. I’d no longer a secure full-time job. I was made redundant. In a matter of minutes, panic swept over me and all sense of security, abundance and worth vanished.

5 Steps To Stop Diluting Your Dreams


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