Are you feeling tired with your business?

Struggling to find your flow?

Or done with playing small?

Maybe those January goals you set are slowly sliding down your ‘to do’ list and excuses are keeping you stuck.

I can totally relate.

Last week I was feeling so overwhelmed I wanted to quit on myself and my goals. My accountant was ringing looking for information, figures and spreadsheets. That Saturday off I’d promised myself, turned into a major bookwork session with no downtime.

This led me to realise that I needed to bring in a new energy to achieve what I said I would at the beginning of the month.

I reached deep and new I had to challenge myself to do the thing that scared me most.

So I did it. I stepped into my higher self and committed to the one thing that I couldn’t back out of.

The result shocked me. So much that I’m dying laughing about it now.

You see I was leading with fear - the what if’s, the failure that might happen, the people that might say no…..all the fears. I’d let my fear rule the show (Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this in Big Magic). And when we rule with fear, we self sabotage success.

The thing is girl…

You won’t get different results doing the same thing.

What helped me get to six figures, won’t get my business to seven figures. What helped me hit a new rank in dōTERRA, won’t get me to that next rank.

I want you to ask yourself today:


Here’s the rules, you must action it immediately, then surrender to the outcome. Let the Universe work its magic.

Because in the action of stepping out of your comfort zone, you shift your thoughts and feelings arounds the beliefs you have.

And when you can rise into a new belief system, you bring NEW SUCCESS in your business.

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