Let's go back to your childhood dream...

What was your dream for what you would create in your life?

-Was it the desire to create world DOMINATION?

-Was it your belief that you were the POW in SUPERPOWER?

Just rest here for a bit and let your memory do the work...

I always knew I was meant for more, that I wasn't prepared to settle for second best and that I would commit to everything I do 200 million percent. I still hold that belief.

Sidenote: I actually thought that everybody was like this!!!

Now fast forward to today and ask yourself, how is that dream taking shape? Is it still alive or do you need some kindle to get it burning again?

Ask yourself...


What belief were you following when you started your business, it it still relevant?

Your message needs to be crystal clear, it needs to be heard, seen, touched and smelt by your tribe.


OR - How are you not showing up?

-How can you show up more with your message?

-If you asked in your FB group would your tribe know your message?

If the answer is NO then you've work to do girlfriend!!!

-Write down your message.

-Put it out into the world

-Show up UNAPOLOGETICALLY every day

You might think your community won't notice if you don't show up but they WILL. They might not like, comment on or engage on your posts, but they are still following you and your growth.

As a human you need proof that something will work for you, that it's results driven and that you will get value for money.

You watch, you decide, you commit, you action.

When you show up in their inbox, on their feed or on live stream you are reminding them of your friggin awesome message and how you can help them!

Amen sister!

Need some kindle for your fire then jump on a CLARITY CALL with me TODAY!

Love and light

Lynne xx