You might recall I ran a #wowfactor challenge last week in the FB group.

I took the time to do my own challenge. I like to make sure that my tips really help my clients. This might surprise you but if something's not good enough I won't put it out there.

Anyway I got the shock of my life!

So guess what...I only thought I had discovered my WOW! But something else kept coming up for me. I hadn't been totally honest with myself. I was seeing all these results in my life and business but I wasn't talking about the deepest of the deep.

I thought this was just part of my growth, but when I talked to my coach and opened up in the way I have never opened up to anyway (not even my husband), I connected to my divine epiphany.

I'm here to serve women entrepreneurs in a deep soul inspired way, to help you discover your soul's purpose and rise to the empowered entrepreneur you were born to be.

I have goosebumps writing this!!!

Are you feeling disconnected from your life and business?

Are you going to bed at night thinking you are meant for more?

Are you ignoring your inner guidance telling you to follow your dreams?

That was ME! I had the quarter-life crisis. I was withdrawn. I felt I had lost my identity, I was over anxious, I was unable to sleep with worry and stress.

I'm being guided to tell you that you have the power to change everything that does not serve you. You deserve to work in your zone of genius. You too can create this grand legacy empowering your tribe all over the world.

I would love to help you become a conscious creator of your future, to help you co-create your own epiphany wow and to become successful with the ease that we deserve.

I have just launched a new 90 Day One on One program where our souls are destined to connect.

I literally sat up around the clock all weekend putting together the key elements that can catapult your life and business is such a way that you drop all the stress factors in exchange for discovering your inner wealth, your deepest purpose and growing into a beautifully empowered entrepreneur.

I have tears as I round up this email. I feel so energised from sharing this with you.

Light and love

Lynne xx

PS: It's time to ignore that little voice that tells you NO! Listen to your heart, feel with your intuition and watch the magic unfold.