I’m laughing as I write this email as ‘fur coat no knickers’ is a popular British saying that basically means, superficially positive on the outside but common on the inside.

We all know people like that right?

I remember customers that would’ve waltzed into my clothing shop, glammed up to the nines and tried on half the shop. They then preceded to leave everything in a heap on the floor for ‘little old me’ to perfect back on the hanger and buy something off the Sale Rail at £10.

That used to really annoy me and made me feel like an inferior little shop assistant rather than an entrepreneur.

Since those days I vowed to not be one of those people.

Sometimes I felt like it though. I felt really positive on the outside and my insides were crying shamefully. Why was I unhappy? Why was I always searching for more? When did I feel so lonely and disconnected?

This searching went on for years. I blamed other people or things, anything from the barista in Starbucks who couldn’t make the coffee warm enough to the leaky fuel pump that made me stink of diesel.

Sitting on the yoga mat in hot yoga, boom, it hit me.I was stuck in my own head. I began to see it so clearly. And that awareness was the first step to change.

I was the hooky-kooky Queen of self sabotage, blame and resistance, blocking my own success every step of the way.

Having spent the last few days reflecting on 2016, I can hand on heart say I now have a massive sense of awareness of just how stuck in my head I was. I mean seriously, I’ve totally done doughnuts with my thoughts.

My coach taught me how to really change my thoughts and work on my mindset, and that was the start of my transformation.

Although there were days of progress, it was still a rollercoaster. I recall having a complete meltdown on the bedroom carpet, pounding the deep pile with my fists, sobbing uncontrollably and screaming ‘that’s it, I give up’.

All I can say is that someone somewhere heard me or felt sorry for me because literally within hours I was being guided to find all the tools I needed for the months ahead to gain the deep inner peace I was craving.

And exactly one year later I can now say I feel ‘all fur coat’!

I established a daily meditation and mindset practice that I attribute my transformation to, I’ve aligned myself with mentors who inspire me on every level and I’ve built a community of heart centred entrepreneurs who resonate with my story and want to change.

My words for 2017 are HIGH VIBE CONNECTION.

Connection is what excites me, lights me up and makes my heart race. High vibe keeps me doing my thing, showing up in my brightest light and attracting more LOW (Law of Attraction) wonderfulness!

What about you? What’s your word(s) for 2017?

Feel free to comment below and share them with me.

Love and Light


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