My six year old nailed it last Sunday...

Sitting in our kitchen we were chatting about the logistics of our day ahead. I was preparing to head to Paris on an afternoon flight, Harlowe was invited to a party at 1pm and we were figuring out if there was time for the kids to go to Sunday School. Oliver was there and when I asked him what he wanted to do, his reply was "I'd like the choice".

"I'd like the choice"

That's it. WOW! What an epiphany. 

My children want choice. I work hard to create choices for my children. How powerful is that?

Growing up you got told to eat your dinner, what clothes to wear, how you should behave or who you could play with. At the point when Harlowe refused to wear all her clothes, I started to give her two outfits in the morning and let her pick. When Oliver stopped eating his packed lunch at school in P1 I let him see the dinner menu and decide on his days for canteen or packed lunch. 

After watching a powerful video by Kimra Luna, it's shared onto my FB page (My Sweet Success), she said the words, "our children mimic us". So subconsciously and consciously you create habits or patterns and then one day see your kids, or family or clients replicating them.

You become an influencer, a role model for your social circle.

I love that you work hard to create choices for your kids, your partner, your clients and yourself. You no longer work on other people's terms.

In what ways are you being an influencer? Who does that effect and what is the ripple effect?