Last year was my most difficult year as an entrepreneur, it was one big pot on the stove about to boil over.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that could go wrong did go wrong. Money was tight and I was sick to the back teeth of feeling restricted. I was living out of fear, scarcity and desperation. Back then I actually hated myself for being that way. 

The minute I saw that Facebook Ad from my current coach, I knew it was a huge nudge from the Universe to get my act together.

I'll be totally honest that was my way out. It was an escape to have someone that could help me break through the pain I was in, physically, emotionally and energetically.

All I wanted to do was ASK FOR CLARITY. So I did, I invested in a business coach and began to work with her. I asked for CLARITY. I had no idea what clarity would bring me. Would it be peace, fulfillment, joy, happiness, abundance or all of those things? What the heck, I'd zilch to lose.

I knew deep down that it would provide some of the soul searching answers I'd been looking for. It would help me sleep better, love myself and be a better wife and mum.

As I was walking with my kids on the beach on Sunday, it hit me. everyone I know is looking for CLARITY. It's a circle that never ends. Even if you get clarity now, in six months time you get more clarity and go deeper and deeper. Honestly it's the most freeing feeling in the world.


-Because it allows you to breathe freely again. To really consume actual oxygen deep into your gut, not just the superficial half breathe that we take all day every day.

-It removes the crap from your proximity allowing space for you to receive ideas to make money, to receive new clients and to listen to your intuition.

-It allows you to make decisions from love rather than fear. How many of you spend money out of fear? And wonder why it doesn't flow back into your life?

-Clarity lets you step into your true PURPOSE in life and business.

-It opens the door to abundance and wealth with flow and ease.

Where in your life are you looking for CLARITY?

Perhaps it's that burning desire, YOU WANT TO FIND YOUR NICHE. 



Whatever clarity you are searching for, just know that it's life changing. It's the 'OMG, this is it for YOU!' kind of stuff!

It's what will create the legacy of your future, the dolphins in your dreams and the O in MONEY!

It's my mission to serve as many women as possible. To help you go inward, reach your soul and come out singing your dream business from  the rooftops.

Success comes from within.

Love and Light
Lynne xx

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