If you’re in my FB group you will have seen my live stream where I was in the garden ALL weekend. I detached myself from the laptop and chilled out with the kids literally for 3 days in a row!

It was so blissful just to read, journal and listen to the kids scream and giggle (and of course argue!).

Harlowe, Age 3, is in the photo filling her paddling pool!

My coach asked me on our weekly call, “What’s your BIG VISION?”.

I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh, purely because I haven’t given it enough attention before now. I mean I dream about lots of visions all the live long day, but I don’t actually put them out there.

So if I’m not sharing them, how on earth is the Universe meant to meet me on creating this vision?

Today I want to give you a few simple steps to creating your BIG VISION!

-Grab a pen and paper and start journalling. Free flow journal or write down key words that resonate with your vision.

-Start writing down things/words/inspiration that REALLY light you up.

-Who are your mentors? What do you love about them?

-Who are you jealous off? Why are you jealous?

-What’s missing in your life that you want to create?

-What were your dreams as a child?

I found that I had so many visions but they all could be summarised into one BIG VISION.

To share with you my big vision is to:

“Create empowered women entrepreneurs, show them how to find their SUCCESS and live an absolutely LIMITLESS life!!!”

When you have a concrete vision your aim is to work in alignment, moving towards that vision with everything you do in your life and business.

This is when the magic happens!

I can’t wait to hear more about your MAGIC and what BIG VISIONS you get clear on!

Love and light

Lynne xx

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***This is for seriously ambitious women***