My spiritual teacher and mentor Gabrielle Bernstein did a talk recently where she spoke about “chasing her life”.

This really struck a chord with me and I know it will with you.

Do you feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel and can’t get off. You can’t achieve any sense of balance and you are GO, GO, GO all the time.

Are you busy chasing the next big thing, the crash diet, the perfect skin the size 0 figure, the freedom to work less, the 7 figure business?

That was me for ten years. I was chasing life all the time. So what changed?

I stopped. I stopped long enough to ask myself what I really wanted. The truth was it was all a bit fuzzy so I had to do a bit of digging.

I wanted to be successful. But what would success mean, how would success feel, who would it affect, how would they feel.

I wanted freedom. What would freedom mean to me? What form would it take?

I wanted to be a leader. How? I had no idea.

I wanted to create a legacy for my family. Surely that was for famous people?

The answers to these questions made me realise that there was a common theme. Each of those attributes would have to come from within me. I had to use my gift. I could see a box but I had no idea what the contents were.

It’s took a lot of hours working with my coach, mentors and reading books. But things were finally starting to click. The wheel started turning slower and I was able to jump on and off with ease.

I’m here today to tell you that you have a purpose. A calling in life. You may already know what that or is you might need some guidance. Whatever that purpose is, it’s your gift. But it’s not just yours...

Your gift is to be passed on to others, for them to pass on to others. It’s the ripple effect of serving others that is really your gift. By not sharing your gift you are being of disservice to your clients, your community, your tribe.

What if you don’t have a gift? I strongly believe that each of us possesses the keys to success, in the form of a gift. It’s the knowing how to reach that inner place where it could be buried, fuzzy or a bit distorted, and bring it to life.

As an entrepreneur it’s time to stop chasing life and start escaping into yourself, to discover your divine purpose, define your trajectory in life and illuminate the world with your light.

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Love and light

Lynne xx