Are you feeling like you’ve lost your mojo? Your business just blends in? Everything is really hard work and you’re not attracting your dream clients?


I share with you the 3 steps (you can take TODAY)  to become the expert in your field.

The best definition of an expert I’ve heard is ‘when you know more than others”. This is spot on as it means we know LOTS but not EVERYTHING. And that’s OK!

So for example, if you go to a cocktail party…..would you know more on your field of expertise than the guests in the room? The chances are YES!

So let’s get the real YOU positioned as an EXPERT!

Step 1

Get out a journal and list your credentials.

So this can include all aspects of your education throughout school and higher education. As well as any courses, programs, conferences you’ve attended, trainings, books, audios, YouTube videos, TED talks that you have learnt from.

Honestly, it will surprise you what certifications and courses you’ve gathered up!

Celebrate your achievements to date. You rock sister!

Step 2

Think about yourself as the ‘go-to expert’ on your topic. It could be nutrition, relationships, business advice, whatever your gift is.

It’s funny because when I trained in my local gym most days, others would come up to me for advice on training and diet. I was no expert but they considered me as that because they saw my own fitness and physique progress vastly in a year.

List all the times that friends, family or colleagues have come to you for advice, your words of wisdom and your opinion within your field of expert.

There RESULT! You now can get testimonials for your website and sales pages.


Create a strong SUCCESS MINDSET.

Now that you feel like the expert, step into this empowered women.

In everything you do, the way you dress, the way you act, how you show up on social media, how you invest in your future, live in this place of empowerment always.

Why? Because you attract what you put out there. By ‘living as if’ you attract much faster results, your ideal clients, your desired pricing and the freedom you crave.

I firmly believe that by mastering a success mindset and by focusing on your dreams and desires, you leave less room for negativity, self doubt and all the other mindset trolls that try to bring us down.

So now that you are ready to be the EXPERT you will feel your confidence grow, you will increase your visibility and exciting opportunities will evolve.

I can’t wait to see what results you will create in your amazing life and business!