It's with a very nervous stomach (somewhere between throwing up and excited) that I share with you that my business is changing.


Keep reading as maybe you too can relate.


I turned 40 in May and realised I was deeply unhappy. Around the same time I started getting really bad physical pain. I was crying everyday, using a zillion oils and feeling very emotional, sore and empty.


After shifting (I thought) to do more spiritual work in my business, I kept feeling huge resistance. I was anxious most days and the only thing that helped was sleep, rest, oils and meditation.


But as us women do, I kept going, I kept showing up.


After many conversations with my spiritual guides and human mentors, I gave up trying. I became a vessel to allow.


Within days, I was seeing myself for my true self. I was enabling huge energetic shifts with my clients and FINALLY I listened to my Higher Self.


I've shared this openly inside Alchemy of Ascension in short videos.


In all transparency I'm no longer leading my business with oils, although I will continue to grow an amazing oils business as I LOVE it and all my wholesale clients. It really feels like a love affair that I can never leave!


Oils have activated and awakened me to an extremely heightened state of consciousness. Alongside my spiritual work and healing methods.


I can no longer deny my intuitive gifts and ability to provide quantum healing to shift subconscious energy blocks.


My ascension and connection requires me to own this and honor this.


Today I'm feeling completely FREE of my doubts and fears. I sat outside in nature, feeling the happiest I've felt in months and FINALLY ready to share this with you.


To be of highest possible service moving forward, I've created a new very intimate Higher Self Mastermind where I'll facilitate your spiritual growth and show you my methods to connect with your Higher Self for greater intuitive guidance in your life and business.




THE HIGHER SELF MASTERMIND meets the needs that I had that weren't met in the spiritual/business World. That's why I'm here now, showing up for you.


To support, guide and comfort you into your highest most successful self.


I totally understand if I'm no longer aligned with you and that's OK! I'm in acceptance of everything that's happening.


And if you're here feeling turned upside down recently and you don't know why then please know you're not alone.


The Higher Self Mastermind begins August 1st 2019 with only 7 places available.



PS: If you skipped ahead, I'm now 'coming out' as a Quantum Healer, Energy Mentor and Seeress for all you incredible entrepreneurs who are sitting hiding your spiritual gifts!

The Higher Self Mastermind begins August 1st 2019 with only 7 places available.