This weekend past was phenomenal for me.


I gave myself lots of space with no commitments, which is often a challenge when you're a mum.


I spent several hours chilling out, listening to podcasts and simply getting into alignment with myself and source energy.


The clarity that came through was huge.


Spirit, Universe or whatever you believe in was guiding me (loudly) to provide for women who want to be successful from their soul.


These women aren't chasing money. They aren't running their business half heartedly. They aren't taking months to make decisions that impact the rest of their life. They aren't superficial and playing a clients number game. They aren't ego driven.


They're asking for divine guidance, following their soul and making space in their life for their true desires, manifesting miracles and surpassing their wildest vision of success.


They don't need convincing that success is meant for them. They feel it and believe it from within.


They aren't living in the past, blaming others and being a victim.


They're goddesses with souls of gold, here to serve and ignite massive impact across the globe.


Truth be told...


It's took me years to get to this space where I belief enough in my intuitive gifts to serve these women and charge them 5 figures to work with me privately. And I'm proud to finally fully own this space, giving others to do the same.


But it wasn't always like that...


I doubted myself heaps, caused myself unnecessary pain, stayed stuck in low vibe thoughts and walked away from ventures that didn't serve my soul - no apologies.


Despite this, I kept moving forward, kept investing in my next moves (no matter how scary it was) and I trusted that the path would be revealed to me along the way.


I've practiced patience, honoured my journey and respected myself enough NOT to bail it during the rough times.


I've now a strong multi 6-figure coaching business, a sacred oils business and I'm making meaningful connections with deeply soulful powerhouse women.


Spirit reminded me how far I've come and I'm grateful for each one of you in my community.


I've created two beautiful new offerings for you (if you're this women) Align & Arise and Sacred Rising day intensives.


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