You may recall my previously, my story around my money struggle. I got such a great response from women who are still in that struggle.

And all that comes up is that I want to help you, massively.

Here’s the thing, you may think that all it takes is a windfall of money and you’ll be eternally FREE. But I’m here to share that it might feel like that cash win would literally answer all your prayers, but I know that in a few months or years time, you would be back in another struggle.


Because money is the outcome of so many internal factors. Factors that only YOU can change.

Things like your mindset, how you are keeping yourself stuck in your lack mentality, telling yourself there’s never enough. Or blaming others for your lack of money or being resentful that you didn’t have fancy dresses and foreign holidays growing up. Blaming your boss for your crappy wage, or your parents for telling you that you have to work really hard to earn money. Mindset is a huge area that blocks the flow of money.

Your spiritual beliefs. Yogi Bhajan said, “You run after wealth and glory and glamour. But it will run after you, providing you are an open channel.”

Can you trust that money is energy and flows to you when you are an open source, when you tap into divine source energy and ask for more? Can you honestly say that you are creating and selling from love and not from that fear-based ego place of neediness and desperation?

And energy is another key area. Are you in true alignment with your soul’s calling? When you step into full alignment the money can flow. Last year I made a very simple tweak in my business, I brought in my spiritual work. BOOM, my business exploded. That for me was true alignment.

If you’re feeling low self-worth, denying your true desires or even hating on yourself because of debt or poverty, money miracles will not appear.

When your energy is abundant you can not repel the inflow of money, it’s just not possible.

These are 3 really big areas that I have worked on relentlessly in my everyday life and business. I focus on them in my morning routine and wherever possible throughout the day.

When you too do mindset work, bring in spiritual tools and practices and increase your energy daily, the result will be massive financial gain.

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Thank you for wanting to join the collective community of conscious entrepreneurs, rising to success!

Love and Light


PS: Dropping the struggle starts with YOU.

Check out my Sweet Money Mindset training, selling for just $19 today!