Does the online World baffle you? One month you have clients next month you don’t. It’s so easy to get deflated. But hang in there because I’m going to share some top tips that I have learned to get your clients buying from you with ease.

1    Fabulous Freebie

First up, give them a fabulous freebie so that they catch a glimpse of what your work is like. It should be full of value and highlight your unique services.

2    Love them up

Secondly, send them a series of emails that warms them up, adds further value and shows how much you love them as a member of your tribe. It could be blog posts, videos or links to content.

3    Gift them an offer

Thirdly, hit them up with an offer that is specifically for them. It might be a free Clarity Call, or a low investment product, like a meditation or training..

Something to keep them interested in your services.

4    Add an insane BONUS!

Fourthly, add in a ‘too good to be true BONUS’ so that they simply can’t refuse your offer. This could be some 1-1 time with you, a free training, or access to another one of your offerings but it must be relevant to your client.

5    Add Scarcity

Put a time on it. Make the OFFER and BONUS time sensitive. This works a treat! Everyone gets FOMO...Fear Of Missing Out!

If you can create this in your business you will woo the socks of your clients and have them splashing the cash more easily.

This is something I go really deep on with my private clients. As an empath it can be really draining to get your head into the tech nitty gritty of your business but trust me it’s worth it for sales as you sleep and more time to stay on your meditation cushion!


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