Last week I had a really hard week in terms of being completely overwhelmed.

This came as a huge shock given that the week before I finished on a high.

So what overwhelmed me? One word, support. I felt totally unsupported. Unsupported in my business, at home with the housework and the kids, basically any area that required support I felt unsupported in.

Do you have have days like this?

My amazing mentor and life coach James Williams helped me see things differently.

After having an amazing week I had upper limited. I had gotten myself into my Zone of Genius (Gay Hendrix), performing at my best, then fear had crept in and told me all sorts of crap which resulted in a major limit. The limit was I felt unsupported.

Now in hindsight I can see that the way I upper limited was a direct reflection of the world within me. I put out that I was unsupported. The truth was I was not supporting myself.

How often do you put out feelings of anger, shame, fear, guilt onto someone else? The kids, your partner, your boss?

The feelings that you feel are an exact reflection back from the universe. So if you feel resentment, unsupported or unloved, you are in fact denying yourself all of these things.

How can you overcome this?

By practicing self care and supporting, loving and caring for yourself you can change these feelings. Shift from the powerless victim to the strong woman who can support herself and more importantly ask for support when it’s required.

Do not assume that others know your challenges, your workload or your feelings. They often have their own struggles and challenges and are unaware of yours.

I know it’s scary to ask for support but instead of focusing on the cost or the fear, ask yourself what’s possible? Here’s some examples!

Are you scared to start a business? What’s possible from this business being a huge success?

Are you feeling unsupported in your business? What’s possible for you with the right support?

Are you failing to serve clients in your business? What’s possible for your clients with your invaluable services?

So you see support can help you get closer to the life and business that you so desire.

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