Facebook is a fantastic tool for growing your biz. All of my business is done online.

I established myself and had paying clients within 30 days. 

Want to know how? I used targeted Facebook groups to create, cultivate and grow my following organically.

-Pick 3 FB groups to join or post in where your clients hang out.

-Read the group RULES as soon as you join. Usually in a pinned post at top of the page. Or in the about group section.

-Do an introductory post about you and what you do. It's the same as going to a party, you wouldn’t go empty-handed! Don’t use this post to promote your biz at this stage.

-Use a social media calendar to map out your interaction every week. Aim to post 3 times a day. Avoid posting the same post in ALL groups as others will see this.

-Social Media is SOCIAL media, not spam media

75% should be engagement, 25% should be offering your services

Engagement includes spending time replying to and helping others with your area of expertise.

-Only promote on the thread that you are invited to post in

-Never share posts from your biz page, this is  considered ‘spammy’. Always post direct to group page.

-Use professional images related to you and your business, that fully represent your brand.

-Use a scroll-stopping tag line on the image. What sets your post apart from all the others? Why should they stop to read it? You get 3 seconds to make an impression on the reader.

-In each post use a show-stopping one liner, part of your story and then your expert content that they NEED to hear!

-Share content that you find useful within groups. Ask the post owner if you can share it. This is a great way to form relationships and make yourself known.

-Post content only relevant to your specific target audience. Try to post on all topics and your message will be lost. Niche down as much as possible.

-Use fresh content as your audience will know if it's something you've just copied and pasted.

-If your posts are hearing crickets then step back and analyse your posts. Why is this? Ask a friend to help answer this. Go back to your market research and find out what your clients need answers to.

Facebook Groups are a fantastic way to make friends, meet clients and get the support you need in your business. Leverage them to your advantage.