Happy New Year!!!

Let’s make 2016 YOUR Year! YOUR time to shine & create a legacy for your future.

You might say “BUT HOW?”

Decide to make it happen, set your intentions, align your goals and go GET it!


This is a fabulous exercise that you can easily do…

Write down key words that make you happy, this could be hobbies you enjoy doing, work you enjoy doing…

Some of mine include yoga, journaling, helping others, identifying opportunities, visualising, spending time with my kids, dinner with hubby, travel,…

List these key words into 3 sets of priorities





Using the HIGH priority words can you write down the feeling they evoke?

Such as happiness, calmness, power etc

Can you attach a GOAL for each HIGH priority?


For example, my high priority to “journal every day” forms a goal. If it was not high priority I would simply go and have a coffee or browse Facebook when I”m free. It’s a bit like telling your friend you will meet them at the gym, you feel you have to go! I have the same relationship with my journal! 

“I journal daily to set my intentions so that I can be clear on my purpose and remain in the present”

My writing down all your goals and going over them daily, you set yourself up for success. You remain in the present, focused and you achieve more. Often the fight in our head starts when we think too much about the future & what is not happening.

Celebrate what is happening what NOW in your life!

It helps to have DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY goals.

I currently use The Happiness Planner and a lined journal.



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Have a play about with this and see what works best for you!


Lovely,  you can have long term BIG picture goals, 6 month goals and 1 month goals.

Stick them on your fridge, on your phone or all over the house as constant reminders for what you are about in 2016!


You can rock 2016!!!