Happy February!

I am so excited that February 2016 is here, January for me was an interesting month, I was excited to get into the New Year and all the goal setting that went with it.

I began my at home fitness regime with my new BF, Erin Stutland (http://erinstutland.com/) and got hit by a stinking cold for almost 3 weeks. Let’s just say not everything got accomplished.

But rather than dwelling on what did not happen, it’s in with the NEW...

My key word for February is BALANCE!

I had an amazing Hot Yoga workout yesterday. It blew away the cobwebs and set up my intention strong for the next few weeks. Which leads me onto BALANCE.

Balance can mean keeping upright, equal proportions, or remaining steady.

For me it means, staying calm, remaining grounded, not rushing, being at ease with myself and in my life and business. It’s a serene picture.

So how can you bring balance into your life and biz?

Here are some ideas:

Say NO more often. Only do something if it really meets your desires and purpose. Otherwise you will waste energy dreading the event or outcome.

Accept HELP Say YES to help from others. Let them cook you dinner, do the shopping, mind the kids-whatever it is.

Practice SELF CARE Take up yoga, meditate, start a journal, go for a facial. Practice self care daily even if you start at just 5 minutes of YOU time!

Be REALISTIC Stop kidding yourself, we all do so it’s time to get real. Release what is not working and move on.

CELEBRATE Acknowledge what is working in your life and biz and plan a celebration. It might be a new book, a manicure or coffee with a friend.

FOCUS on what matters in the here and now, not what might happen in 6 weeks time or next year. Remain in the present always.

Get CREATIVE What did you enjoy doing as a child? For me it was drawing, reading, day-dreaming (Surprise!). Allow yourself to do something to let those creative juices flow! You will feel lighter for it!

Here's to a balancing month!

I hope this resonates with you and February can bring you the results you desire to achieve.

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