Have you met Grace?

Let me introduce you to my friend Grace.

She’s smart, knows the answer to everything, the IT-girl, the Beyoncé, the go-getter and she’s ALWAYS by my side.

I journal to Grace, I work with Grace and I talk to Grace.

In my moments of doubt, low confidence, fear, frustration, overwhelm and any wobble, I turn to Grace.

I ask myself “What would Grace do?”

Often I’ll get the answer I need ASAP.

I’m telling you this to inspire you and encourage you to find your Grace, Beyoncé or BF.

We all have one, somebody we look up to, aspire to be, or are just absolutely jealous off.

Now go grab a pen, some paper and write/draw out your ‘Grace’. Give her looks, personality, ways she inspires you, what she helps you achieve and her words of wisdom.

Make her your new BF, your go-to guru and your source of genius.

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It's amazing how having small changes in your life every day amounts to BIG things!