This is heavy on my heart as I discussed it with a client yesterday, so I just have to share with you...

You do not need a massive LAUNCH of something you are creating.

Often we set a date in our head for when this launch should be and nothing will let us launch before then….

In a way, it’s a form of procrastination, you are putting it off, making excuses, delaying...

Why? Often fear is the reason. You are afraid certain people will find out, your boss or even your family. You are worried about what they will say, will they laugh, hurt you or stop speaking to  you. They might unfriend you on Facebook or make public comments that you would rather not read.

What I'm trying to say is that, if that is absolutely the worst that can happen (which it is, you are not being attacked by a bear-right?!)  then ‘Happy Days’!

Those people will get over it, as will you and you can build your empire.

It took me 4 awkward visits to my Mum and Dad’s to tell them I was pregnant 4 Christmas’s ago. I couldn’t actually get the words out. 

Now I would see through it if it was my first pregnancy but my second, what was I so afraid off? Launching by biz was easy compared to that!!! In the end my 3 year told them lol. Stress over!

 Often a big biz launch in your head will create more stress and anxiety and take away the enjoyment of saying “Hey guess what world I’m ready for ya!”. The picture you create is often not the reality of what will happen. You expect big results, you expect to be sold out and you expect your 1000 friends on FB to all join your group.

So when that doesn’t happen you feel huge disappointment and thoughts of failure creep in.

I always recommend a soft launch.

Get going with what you know, who you know and what you have.

Your clarity will come when you are in the middle of your biz chaos, engaged with your ideal client, selling to the ideal customer, pitching to your ideal consumer.

Just go with the flow and watch the magic unfold,and the money flow in!!!

And you will wonder why you didn't launch sooner!!!!!

You"ve got this!!!