Are you one of those entrepreneurs that’s in the grind stage where EVERYTHING seems really hard, you’re exhausted continually and you worry far too much about the perfection of what you’re doing?

I can relate. That was me up until last year. I thought that work had to be hard, that it was a woman’s prerogative to be constantly tired and that being the ‘Queen of Perfection’ was uber cool. Boy was I wrong!

So what changed? I gave myself permission to connect with my inner child again and have some FUN!

This little girl was a watcher, she was curious, she waited to go last, she wanted to skip faster, to jump further, to roller blade without looking like Bridget Jones on skis!

She was a carer, a giver, always had her head stuck in a book, enjoyed running through the woods, walking her dog, making, designing and painting her nails.

She was never enough, she wanted more and she tried harder every time.

When I allowed myself to connect with her again, I has the massive realisation that actually I was everything and more that I now desire as an adult. I just didn’t know it.

I see things in my own children that I was as a child and it makes me light up, seeing their quirky ways and their cautious approach to life. Or cutting out pictures for their vision board and making iMovies instead of watching TV.

As a family the unwritten rule is that we have to have FUN!

My hubby and I both run businesses. It’s important that we know when is time for FUN and when is time to be that CEO. Otherwise what is the point of building a freedom based business?

Our FUN things include trips to the beach and with Irish weather beach does not mean bikinis and sunscreen, it involves fleeces and wellie boots!

Going out on our bikes, hitting the trampoline park, racing the quads across the fields or having a big Sunday roast with friends and a few cocktails.

Giving yourself permission to have FUN will seriously grow your business. It opens you up to new possibilities, it reminds you to connect to your dreams and desires and raises your energy frequency making you likely to attract more fun stuff into your biz.

It doesn't have to be all grind, hustle and exhaustion. In fact, if that’s what your business is then you need to reassess WHY you’re in this game, WHAT’S important to you and want you want to ATTRACT more of into your biz.

I urge you to finish 2016 as you INTEND TO START 2017.


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Love and Light

Lynne xx