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  • You’re not a powerhouse entrepreneur

  • You’re not ready to do the internal work

  • You're not prepared to fully commit to growth

  • You’re in the habit of not completing things or ever accomplishing your goals

  • You'd rather stay stuck in old stories than totally redesign your epic future

  • You’re happy leading with your head and not your heart or soul

  • You don't believe in miracles, manifesting or the Law of Attraction

This is for you if:

  • You're a powerhouse entrepreneur with a deep desire to fall back in love with your life and your biz.

  • You're done with feeling exhausted with your business

  • You're soul is whispering to you and you know you can't ignore it any longer

  • You're ready to go deep on the inner work that's required for success

  • You're willing to show up and do the work and be fearless as you rise

  • You know that you're needing next level support and now is the time

Congratulations! Please come feeling calm, at ease and ready for your call.

You must be in a quiet environment, at your desk or in your office. Calls can not go ahead of you are distracted.

These calls are highly sought after with Lynne. Please follow all the steps carefully to ensure your call goes ahead as planned.


Check out what these clients have achieved!


"First 5 figure week and a $26k month"

"Lynne is a phenomenal coach who has helped me reconnect with the importance of working on myself, staying present and grounded, following my heart and trusting myself and the Universe in creating the business I desire. Having Lynne’s guidance has enable me to launch my first group program, increase my prices, have my first 5 figure week and a $26k month which has been incredible. My business and I have up-levelled beyond what I ever thought possible, it’s been amazing!”



"10k months with ease"

After 3 months of working together I was pulling off my $10K + months with ease. Working with Lynne was a complete life saver for my business. I have been successfully signing premium 1:1 clients - increased my prices by $3,500 AND launched a group program and FILLED it!

Cindy Ellen, Business Energy Coach, Canada


"Crystal clarity"

Working with Lynne was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Within weeks of working with her I had crystal clarity around the focus of my business and who I wanted to serve.

Anita Sharma, Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, UK


"I had this huge transformation"

Very quickly after our first call Lynne helped me see things could go many different ways and really helped me to tap into that intuition of what would light me up. We made a plan and I am going after it with such a different view, such excitement, such enthusiasm, such rejuvenation. I know now that I am completely in the right spot, and seriously in such a short time I had this huge transformation.

Tiffany Julie, USA