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If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that you can be more abundant.

You were not put here on Earth to live in lack, to feel less than or to play small and live an unfulfilled life.

Mediocre, just getting back and delaying your dreams are forms of lack.

Lack means; the state of being without or not having enough of something.

I love you BUT, you’re here to thrive, to live your biggest, fullest, most prosperous life.

That’s why I’m sharing all my latest trainings with you, in the all new Abundance Bundle: 4 Transformational Trainings to up-level your Life and Business

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These are life-changing trainings that I’ve delivered and helped women to massively shift blocks, fears and manage their energy.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll receive:

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7 Days to Raise Your Vibe $297

7 videos, over 6 hours of content

Everything you need to know about raising your energetic vibration and successfully using essential oils to step into your new high vibe life.

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Heal Your Money Blocks $297

7 videos, 7 hours of content

All things money from the energy of money, to identifying your money blocks, healing your money blocks, healing generational money issues with money, protecting your money space so you hold onto more money and opening up to the constant flow of money.

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Heal Yourself Rich $297

4 videos, over 4 hours of trainings

Spiritual Healing for Limitless Freedom, Wealth and Joy

Module 1: The Healing Process

Module 2: Begin to Self Heal

Module 3: Healing You

Module 4: Healing Rituals

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Manifesting with Oils $111

1 hour 55 minutes of unmissable manifesting tips

How to manifest with ease, The what/why/how of essential oils and daily practices to support your manifesting process. You’ll learn my manifesting secrets!


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PAY $111 X 2

PAY $197


My intention with the Abundance Bundle is to help you create deep alignment with your spiritual self so that you live an incredibly abundant life.

Hi, I’m Lynne Taggart and I started my current business in 2015, after realising a deep desire to live a spiritually aligned life. I’ve invested in myself over and over, graduating in I Heart Coaching, Spirit Junkie Masterclass Levels 1 & 2, Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas, Impacting Millions and worked closely with high level global mentors in masterminds and retreats. I achieved my envisaged goal and now own a multi six figure business, helping women to elevate their spiritual connection, create a reality that truly lights them up and learn about my favourite healing tool, dōTERRA Essential Oils.

My innate spiritual gifts, intuitive ability and visionary insights, enable me to go deep with my clients, helping them to quantum heal their blocks and overcome deep-seated fears around their life and business.

I share my passion for spirituality, money, the Law of Attraction and oils throughout all of these trainings to maximise the results you get in as quick a time as possible.

This Abundance Bundle was created with you in mind, the women who is done trying to figure this out herself and is fed up going around in cycles of lack and prosperity.

love Lynne XO



Thank you Lynne! So much. Your work is so special and so important. Every time I work with you I feel myself shifting back into alignment. For me, the biggest takeaway for me this time has been just to stop questioning so much, stop needing to know all the answers and just give myself the time and space to settle into my heart space and listen to my soul. To loosen the reins a little and just trust. As a result, I’ve actually been more productive the last 4 weeks than so far this year. Just need to get out of my own way! Thank you for helping me see/feel that. So much love.
I’m just feeling so supported. I’d been stressing about the how, when, what, why etc. Reverted to oils, meditation, journalling and yoga and I feel so much better. Work had been stressing me and I’d been feeling like I just don’t want to do it anymore. Gave me a lot of comfort. Don’t need to rush, don’t need to push, just do the work, keep to my rituals and my path will continue to unfold.
My biggest takeaway from module 2 is that I don’t need to control money- it’s energy and consciousness. When I’m heart centred and providing my highest service, money will flow to me.
I’m on the right path and working towards my big picture vision. I’m following my curiosity re new services I can provide. Staying fully present (vs. Stressing about the precise direction I’m going in) will keep me open to money. Because I’m an energetic match for the people who want to work with me ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you Lynne
Biggest takeaway for me today was the Forgiveness exercise where you visualise the person as being elderly and as a 3 year old child. I could literally feel myself filling up even as you mentioned it. Really powerful that one
Biggest takeaway so far is really dropping into my heart space before making offers and not pre-judging that people will not want to pay my prices and knowing that the right clients for me will naturally want to pay for my services. Really loving the program. Thanks Lynne x
Thank you Lynne, i completed my days later with being away. I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 days and felt a difference. Now to keep it up that is my challenge
Just a huge huge thank you for the last week Lynne. I have absolutely loved it even though some of it has been tough.
What a amazing few days. I’m so grateful. Loving the oils right now
Thank you so much Lynne for the past few days I really see how oils can support my life spiritual and on a daily basics x
Another great video. I need to change my mindset and see my business bloom. living in a different house came to mind whilst working with the oil. Realised I crave a cosier house than the one I’m in. Wasn’t expecting that to pop into my head which was interesting. Working on what’s possible in the next 40 days.


PAY $111 X 2

PAY $197