Meet Lynne

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A high frequency channel and energy amplifier, with both feet firmly grounded on earth but highly connected to the spiritual realm.

Through mentorship and free social media content, Lynne helps global change-makers connect to their Source energy.

She helps plug you into the Law of Attraction and attract more so that you live your fullest life.

With a background in business, retail and fashion, and deeply spiritual principles, Lynne offers inspiration that shifts your energy, opens you up to infinite intelligence and allows you to flow in all areas.

Lynne has been self-employed from her early twenties, having graduated from the University of Ulster with a 2:1 BA Hons Retail Distribution Management.

Her entrepreneurial flair and genuine ability to see opportunities led her to open her own fashion retail shop in her hometown, with a global online website, and walk away from a managerial post-graduate role.

Lynne married in 2011 and now has two young children. Her desire to be a more present mother meant she craved a freedom-based business that she could work from home.

She has mentored with top global spiritual and business coaches in the World, continuing to learn, expand and grow herself.

Her courage, determination and absolute knowing that she's here to serve others have contributed to her success.

Lynne is a powerful connector, a wisdom of source enery and highly conscious human, fulfilling her soul agreement on earth.


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