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I'm a Soul Healer + Energy Mentor, obsessed with meditation and an expert at helping others to co-create their reality (without exhaustion along the way).

A small island girl from Ireland, Mum of two, oils loving, dark chocolate enthusiast who adores nothing more than to spend time outdoors while listening to high vibe podcasts.

I'm Lynne Taggart.

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Lynne always found ways to make money ever since she began sewing hair scrunches to sell in the school playground!

Her numerous trips to Church and Sunday School had her intrigued by the non-physical realm from a young age. But as she got older she couldn't quite figure out the connection, she just knew that it meant something.

In 2000 Lynne graduated with a 2:1 BA Hon's Degree in Business Management and went on to work in purchasing, retail and public sector roles in Project Management and IT.

Her love of clothes and knowledge of the industry led her to open her own boutique, aged just 25 years. She hit over 6 figures in sales her first year in business and continued to grow through social media and an online shop for 8 years.

Lynne's marriage and the birth of her two children meant that she longed to stay at home and be a present mum to her beautiful kids, Harlowe who was just 1, and Oliver who was 4 years old. After deep consideration she closed her business to spend time with her family.

With time at home Lynne began to explore her options for financial abundance, combining her love for self development and entrepreneurial flair.

She immediately fell in love with spirituality, the coaching industry and highly driven entrepreneurs.

It was imperative that she could lift her kids from nursery and school but also connect with her own soul's calling and desires, and combine these in such a way that she could finally enjoy life in all areas.

Lynne went through a high level business coaching program and surrounded herself with successful entrepreneurs. She sought out spiritual teachers and business mentors to support her on her journey. Even working closely with Gabby Bernstein, the NY Times best selling author to step further into her spiritual role.


Lynne’s journey with spiritual coaching and growing a successful business with dōTERRA oils has led her on a path of deep Soul Healing and spiritual growth. She began to work more and more with energy, healing and intuition, helping soulful entrepreneurs to work through their blocks.

Lynne’s clients ultimately feel more energetically balanced, undeniably sense their innate spiritual powers and become deeply healed so that they can co-create MASSIVE success!

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Join me in co-creating your dream reality from your soul. Learn all my secrets to awaken and ascend gracefully. 
My process will teach you everything you need to access your soul and powerfully live and run a business from your Higher Self.




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