by Lynne Taggart

Last weekend I was intuitively drawn to work on a big project that I had resisted for almost a year. The intuitive hit was so strong that I took immediate action and had the project executed in 24 hours.

It was the most fun and productive I’ve ever felt. I absolutely loved being in the feeling of my desire, even though it hadn’t yet manifested. It was literally an idea.

This particular project had to be approved, and sadly it was rejected some time later.

I thought I would share this with you because there are desires that don’t manifest all the time. It’s how you handle rejection that makes the difference. As women, we often want to wallow in the grief, the sadness or whatever emotions come up. We question everything, wanting to start all over again, or even worse QUIT!

And we tell everyone that we’re just not good enough, whilst eating a full bar of chocolate and downing a bottle of wine!

Ok so that was literally the old me. Thank goodness I’m a bit more clued in to the truth of myself these days and what supports my needs, rather than suppresses them.

What’s important is that you shift away from the energy of rejection and get back into the energy of aligning towards more desires, or the same desires with a new level of belief, recognising that your energy is what’s key. Remember the Law of Attraction only brings what you believe to be possible for you.

Here’s my tips to handle desires that do not manifest…

1: Ask for support

I immediately reached out for support from my mentors. Knowing that they will offer me some words of wisdom, clarity or aha that will totally make sense. It’s crucial that you do not feel alone in the process, otherwise you could slide into the hole of failure and rejection. You know the one that takes days to get out off? 

2: Plan something just for you

Book yourself a treat, maybe a spa date, or a massage, or a blow dry and spend some time just celebrating how amazing you are. This is time that will honor your wholeness, your true self and your needs. Allow yourself  time to decompress and let any emotions to flow through you.

3: Go back to your Highest Vision

The Highest Vision is my signature meditation that leads you into your soul, to discover the work that you’re really here to do. When you know this, you can return to this vision, and use it to remind you of your next steps.

You might not feel like doing anything else just yet, but acknowledging your vision will allow you to see that there are always other paths and options to explore. The Universe offers you multiple ways to achieve your desires.

4: Know that this is a NO for now, not forever

Try to reason with yourself and accept that perhaps there is a genuine reason that your desire is not yet manifesting. It could be an external reason that totally justifies that this is a no for now and not forever.

And consider what in your belief system questioned this desire being possible? Did you actually really believe this desire was for you now?

In my case, yes I did and my intuition was so strong that I took immediate aligned action. But I also understand that Law of Attraction only works based on my belief level. Could I have believed more? Absolutely, there’s always room to believe more and so it’s useful to identify where could you believe more going forward? What’s it going to take for you to have an unwavering belief in your desires? A useful exercise is to journal around all of this and just see what comes through. 

5: Meditate

Really? YES! Connect into your soul and feel your energy source. Meditation is a powerful way to stop thought and allow you to get back to your truth. Your soul is the truth of you and when you really feel this, you’re not giving voice to your fears and doubts. The key is to allow yourself to feel your soul. This is your inner peace and the point you should return to daily, no matter what is going on outside of you.

I trust that these key points will inspire you to stay on track when your desire does not manifest and remember that the Universe always has a higher plan for you, and some day you’ll look back and realise this was exactly as it’s meant to be.

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