Master your Money Flow

by Lynne Taggart

Money is always a subject that gets your attention. Usually because you want more of it and want less bills, expenses, taxes etc.

Or you want to make choices from a place of abundance rather than ever having to consider the expense.

I love helping women to heal their money beliefs and restore faith in divine prosperity; AKA The bank of the Universe!

I adore helping women to quantum leap their money situations and focus on mastering money flow.

There’s an incredible surge of energy attached to money empowerment and feeling the flow of money in your life.

> Imagine healing yourself of your money beliefs…

> Imagine clearing your energy field of money ties that are hindering your ability to receive money…

> Imagine rewriting your entire money story…

You can! It’s actually easy to do when you know and understand the flow of money.

Here’s a few ways to manifest more money in your life:

1: Ask for more

Sounds simple but so many women get this step wrong because they don’t ask for what’s on their heart. They settle for less, and as a result are not an energetic match to receive the thing they are asking for.

Say you want to increase your prices and charge more for your services, why only add on 10% when in fact you desire to double your rates.

You actually block the path of receiving that extra 10% because it’s not what you desire. Making sense?

2: Expect more from the Universe

This is the magical step where you let the Universe do its thing. You can’t see or know what’s already in your energy field to receive and you don’t have to. Knowing what you desire is enough to engage the Universe as your spiritual money maker.

3: Allow the money to flow to you

During this step you need to allow the flow of money to you. Most people block the flow of money just by what they are telling themselves every day. Watch your beliefs around what you’re asking for and see what is coming up.

What obstacles or blocks are you placing in the way preventing the Universe from delivering more to you? And how can you deliberately choose new thoughts or beliefs to allow an energetic upgrade.

You can play this game with anything! Try it and watch where more appears in your life.

I’m helping my clients deeply heal money wounds, clear their energy fields and quantum leap into new money flow. As a result they are able to charge more than ever before, work less and get into a place of deep love and service to their tribe.

Money is not hard to understand it’s just that you make it hard and attach low vibe feelings to it. You’re just one decision away from changing all of this.

Remember being a master of money flow is your spiritual birthright.

And if you want to become a master of abundance, check out Wild Orange Oil – the Oil of Abundance. And all the ways we can WORK TOGETHER.

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