5 Rituals to Supercharge your Success

5 rituals to supercharge your success

I was just thinking about you and how I can support you more.

The visionary in me sees so much expansiveness ahead for you.

Yet I know you’re holding back, playing small and limiting yourself despite having big goals and dreams.

It got me thinking…

What is the ONE THING I could share with you for an instant shift in your business?

They told me to share my belief in RITUALS.

For years I’ve had a morning routine and it’s been a complete game-changer that got me out of my feeling like a failure funk to creating a multi 6 figure business.

But when I switched up this ‘routine’, which was becoming mundane and turned it into deep ritual, BOOM, I had massive growth, expansiveness and eradicated all low vibe feeling of not being enough.

Whether you’re a newbie, in momentum or wildly successful, having RITUAL in your life will transform everything!

Introduce RITUAL into your life, every single day and you will supercharge your success.

For me ritual is made up of the following 5 things:

1: Space

A zen like space that gives you privacy, feels safe, includes your favourite things and never gets interrupted with kids/toys/home-works, so that it’s your distraction free haven where you can show up for your ritual.

2: Oils

I love to begin my ritual by rolling on oils topically, diffusing my favourite blends and inhaling deeply to instantly alter the chemistry of emotions in my body. This is crucial, because when you can stay in a positive state, the limiting beliefs can not also be present. Therefore you can expand into your deepest self and believe anything is possible. My OILS GUIDE will share everything you need to get started.

3: Journal

Always have a journal by your side. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve got the most amazing ideas during my rituals. And if I don’t write them down there and then, they’ll never become real, or stay in my focus. As soon as you receive that divine download, write it in your journal. You can then look back at any time.

4: Meditation

Shaping your breathe, sitting in stillness, getting out of your own head and mind….This is everything! Just two nights ago I woke up to the words “higher dimensions”. The next day I had the best 43 minute meditation ever. I literally reached higher dimensions and expanded my consciousness. This is my favourite MEDITATION APP for all levels. Just allow yourself to go there, to stay still and just breathe. Over time your life will be one big miracle.

5: Water

Imagine feeling so clear that clarity is your #BFF! That’s exactly what drinking lots of water will do to you. And if you struggle to drink water then try adding 1-2 drops of Lemon Oil (for Cleansing), Peppermint Oil (for Digestion and Energy), Grapefruit Oil (for Cleansing and to promote Self-love) or Tangerine (for Cleansing and Creativity). Aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces daily. Save 25% HERE.

Play about with what ritual looks like for you. The most important thing is that you show up. Just keep showing up, more importantly on the days you want to quit. Your ego will never want you to go there, because when you quiet the ego, you open yourself up to miracles.

And if you want more ideas on success for your spiritual business, then turn on your notifications for my AWAKEN YOU Facebook group where I’m sharing my top insider biz tips.

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