Embrace Your Inner Fear Warrior


“If you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”

― A Course in Miracles


Most people live life from their fear. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not being successful enough, the fear of failure or the fear of not living up to other people’s standards. Being a victim of fear keeps you stuck in the cycle of never getting want you want with ease and joy. It’s hard and you have to hustle to be successful.


A fear warrior is someone who chooses differently. He or she chooses to overcomes their fear in pursuit of what they desire, their happiness, their success, their abundance or their complete inner fulfillment.


Throughout my twenties and early thirties fear perpetuated my desire to change and succeed. I wanted more all the time, I hustled hard to get it, I didn’t put my health or my family first and I was rarely grateful for what I already had present in my life and business. It was a draining cycle of self sabotage, illness and feeling low. Any success that I attained was short lived and non fulfilling. It was exhausting, it caused burnout and it was ego based, a recipe for disaster.


The ego is simply fear, the non-loving part of you that shows up all the time. It’s that voice that says ‘you can’t do it’, ‘you’re weak’ or ‘who are you to be successful?”.

When you rule your life and business with your ego, you simply can not choose love, be in your truth or feel supported. This separation will play out in your relationships, your body, your health and even your bank account.


A Course in Miracles (a metaphysical text on spirituality) says “I am responsible for what I see”. When you choose to see love, you invite that fear to take a back seat and no longer rule your thoughts and actions with your ego. You perceive life through a different lense. This is a transformational shift that will allow miracles and success to become your new normal.


It will take time to shift away from living in fear and leading with love but when you get into the momentum of feeling great, being more joyful and having small daily miracles, you’ll want to ride that wave of your newfound success.


Here are some tips that will set you up for becoming a fear warrior:


1 Get clear on your main core desired feeling. How do you want to feel daily?

When you actually tune in to how you want to feel over what needs to happen or what goals you want to achieve, your become intentional about your day. With intention comes creation. It invites greater clarity to take action. It makes making decisions effortless and navigates you on your path of truth.


2 Invite in a spiritual practice of connection.

This could be a simple practice of asking for what you desire through journalling or prayer. It could be breath work to raise your energy and clear out old stagnant energy. It could be meditation, having quiet ‘you’ time or going for a walk to hear those soul whispers. You get to decide what ‘spiritual’ means to you and to explore what feels joyful and allows a deeper inner connection.


3 Believe it and you’ll see it.

As the great spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer said, when you believe first you will then receive. Most of us have been taught to see first then believe. Create the vision for what you want in your life and business, believe it, visualise it, feel it, and watch as it becomes your reality.


4 Give more to receive more.

The old saying “a giving hand never wants” is full of truth. When you are in the energy of “I need more” or “what’s in it for me?”, you repel success from coming your way.

Ask yourself how can you be genuinely helpful and what are your intentions behind everything, this alone will open the door to miracles.


5 More being less doing.

Scary right? To imagine that you can do less and be more? Begin to understand that your presence is in your power. You being a certain way, or showing up as your vision today will invite in that success you desire. When you force a plan or push to make things happen, your energy becomes so low that you actually move further away from your desires.


6 Stop now and accept who you are.

I know you’re thinking “wow, seriously?!”. Yes I am perfectly serious. You are enough today. This acceptance of yourself, no matter how weird it feels will stop you from searching for what you think you need to have or what’s missing.

Imagine waking up in your own skin, feeling great and honoring yourself in every moment. Imagine taking of the shackles and finally feeling complete freedom from your own chains. The energy of this will attract some amazing things your way.


7 In every moment choose love.

Instead of blaming everyone else, yelling at the traffic or shouting at your colleagues, what if you choose love instead? Try to accept what is and find the miracle in every situation. Ask yourself, what can I do to shift myself away from wanting to blame? What positive can I find in this awful traffic? Perhaps there’s a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to. Or simply ask for a miracle and take a breathe. Witness as you step back from the ego and invite in more peace and love.


Use these tips daily to create momentum towards a life full of miracles and success. Being in the practice of allowing, being willing to change and surrendering control creates room for expansion throughout your life and business. Thank your fear warrior for everything he or she is teaching you and go after what you truly desire for long term success and abundance.


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