The Truth of You!

Imagine showing up naked to a party. No clothes, no makeup, zilch.

How scary would that be?

You enter the room and everyone starts whispering and sniggering. There’s nowhere to hide. You’re exposed and feeling the most vulnerable you’ve ever been.

This is the worst moment of your life.

Now imagine putting back on all your clothes, your shoes, your makeup and sinking back behind your armour. You’re safe again. All is well.

I remember launching my new business, hitting post on Facebook and feeling like I was that person that was naked in the room. That I was the spectacle for everyone to talk about and laugh at. Not for the first time in my life. I felt massively uncomfortable, mixed with surges of queasiness.

I was terrified, excited and overwhelmed simultaneously, yet deep down on the other side of these feelings were growth, expansion and inner fulfilment.

But I was lucky not to be alone on my journey. I had a coach and an army of sisters who had my back.

As I’ve grew my business I’ve come to realise that it used to feel good to hide behind those masks and pretend that everything in my inner world was ok.

Now this couldn’t be further from the truth.

To succeed in business, take of your masks!

The more I’ve peeled back my limiting beliefs, my fears, my old stories and the BS driving forces that were so not aligned, the more I’ve become myself.

I honestly feel like a giant burden has been lifted off my shoulder.

If there’s one nugget you take away today, let it be, to succeed in business take of your masks.

Everyday just show up in all of you.

  • No more trying to fit in
  • No more doing things a certain way because someone else does
  • No more hiding the real part of your soul that’s been in darkness for so long and
  • No more failing because you’re out of alignment

How would it feel just to be YOU? Your truth, your inner wisdom and your own soulful master?

Imagine having that clarity and feeling so amazingly good every damn day.

Imagine building a business of your dreams and doing exactly what lights you up.

Imagine building a community of soul sisters, that army of friends you never had.

Imagine being stripped of all your old beliefs and fears and moving forward with a deep inner knowing that you can actually live every day of your life.

It’s just a choice. A simple choice to say yes to finding the truth of you.

I’ve coached lots of women from across the World to say YES to their truth and to build a business that is every cell of their soul, without masks and totally in alignment with what they were born to do.

If you feel called to take your business to the next level, to earn double or triple your monthly income, to have clear actionable steps on what’s next, to build a team around you and a tribe who adore you, then consider 1-1 private business coaching.

The results will be so astounding you might want to dance around naked!

I’ve just 2 spots left in February for the women who’s ready to step into her business stilettos and excel her growth.

Just snag a FREE CLARITY CALL to see if we’re the perfect match for the next 3 months together.

Love and Light

Lynne xx

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