A Year From Now…

Just one year ago I started receiving paying coaching clients.

It wasn’t a steady stream, but every single one of those clients became my beacon of light, they showed me what was possible when I believed in my soul’s purpose.

I was battling all sorts of gremlins, “how can I charge that?”, “who am I to be an expert”, “what if they don’t get results”.

I would literally lie awake at night allowing all sorts of fears to creep in and sabotage my growth. In that space I had two choices, to either show up for my fears and be of service, or let my future be sabotaged by old stories from my ego.

I choose to show up for my assignment.

Because here’s the thing lovely, if I hadn’t of showed up then, it would have kept repeating itself, like that toddler tugging on your leg for attention, until I was made to pay attention.

And boy did I show up! I went on a radical inward journey of self discovery.

That process involved changing me, the context, rather than the content. For years I had changed the ‘things’, the stuff of life without gaining results.

Now it was time to change me, the container for those things, to get myself into a space of being fit for my purpose and able to hold my clients, be of service as their business coach and receive flow, abundance and momentum in my business.

And guess what? The more that I stepped into the role of a fierce spiritual entrepreneur, the more those fears quieted, they let me do my thing and be of service. And I got more sleep!

By July I had gained momentum and replaced my previous annual salary in just one month’s sales. I actually shocked and surprised myself, it was game on!

Perhaps you’re craving these things in your business?

Ease, flow, abundance and momentum.

Just know that if you’re busy stressing over the strategy and the tools without looking at yourself, the container, then chances are you’ve got crazy energy that can repel clients.

Or if you’re trying to force clients to chat with you and your energy is kinda desperate, they will pick up on that and run a mile.

Or if you’ve bills to pay and any paying client will do, regardless that they’re the opposite of your soul client, this is such a recipe for disaster.

You have the power to change all of that today.

Here are 3 quick tips that will help:

  • 1 Schedule in time to work on YOU every day – make it top priority!
  • 2 Step into the shoes of your favourite mentor today and run your business as she runs hers. Ask yourself “What would X do?” when making decisions.
  • 3 Hire a mentor that has the business you desire to create (Trust me you will pay a fraction of what they’ve invested to get to where they are)

When you do get into the state of ease and flow, a constant intake of new clients and the feeling of “yay, I’ve got this!”, you raise your energy so much that your best friend the Law of Attraction rewards you with more of the same gorgeous stuff.

And a year from now you can look back and say, thank goodness I started when I did.

Every Valentine’s, Birthday and special date is another milestone to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Imagine your dream life a year from now! What will you choose?

Love and light,

Lynne xx

PS: Trust in the energy all around you and surrender the life out of your goals.

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