I’ve never told anyone this…

It was the most stressed I’d ever been and I felt like absolute CRAP!

I was eating less than my 4 year old and the run up to Christmas in retail took it’s toll on me. Long days, surviving on coffee and a muffin and finishing work to lift the kids from daycare and do dinner, bath and bed meant I was the last in the packing order.

“Who looks after me?” was my ego’s repetitive playlist.

The next day in my clothes shop I heard a loud voice telling me to get to yoga. WTF? The nearest yoga studio was a good 40 minute drive away. There was no logic in that, it would be dark, I wouldn’t know anyone, and I’d an image of Bridget Jones doing yoga in my head – it wasn’t pleasant!

Somehow I made it happen. I found a class that evening and I sacrificed my motherly role for this sacred sanctuary.

Driving there I was the most fearful I’d ever been. I was totally out of my comfort zone but my whole body ached for help and healing and sleep.

I was truly guided that night as I began an inward journey of peace and self love.

I was told to thank the person who brought me there.

That person for me was someone who was causing me a great deal of anxiety at the time. I said a silent ‘thank-you’ to her.

I was asked to set an intention for my practice.

I set the intention for self love and healing.

The next 90 minutes was the most intense magical inward experience, where I felt immersed in warmth and an energy of love that I’d been craving since the birth of my second child.

It was then that I stopped seeking and began to turn inward, get myself grounded and started looking after ME!

Why am I telling you this?

1 – Because back then I led my business with what I knew how to do, what came easily to me and what was my passion. This ran me into the ground, my health suffered and I felt empty on the inside. HELLO! Massive wake up call.

2 – FEAR keeps us insane. That really loud voice that tells you ‘you SUCK’, no-one will buy from you or you’re still a LOSER, it’s not REAL. It’s your ego and it causes you to separate from the true you. You can learn how to sidestep that insanity.

3 – When you have a leader that you TRUST you can do anything. Yoga was a foreign language to me but with a trusted teacher was a pivotal part of my journey to success. You too can have your own mentor for success.

4 – When you hear a loud voice don’t ignore it! Of course we have free will to choose this route or that route. But often we make hasty decisions. Slow down, tune in and listen to your guidance, you won’t regret it.

5 – Fill your own cup first beauty. You’re not on the selfish train when you say NO to others and YES to you. You’re becoming a master of self love, self empathy and self mastery. It rocks!

Thankfully this Christmas is a dream come true.

I’m totally relaxed, I’ve time to juice in the mornings, train in the gym and blast Christmas tunes with Oliver and Harlowe.

Last night I had a lovely detox bath and chanted to my favorite healing meditation, Ra Ma da Sa.

I’m meeting old friends for catch ups and working on my business as required.

This Christmas beauty I urge you to slow down, sit still and ask yourself what you need. What you truly need. What you deeply crave. And set the intention to bring it in.

I’m honored you’ve read this far and that you’re part of my community of lightworkers, healers and spiritual teachers.

Sat Nam

Lynne xx

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Hint: Expect Angel numbers!

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