Playing Hopscotch With Your Truth?

As I write to you I’m waiting to board my plane for a trip to the States. Just 6 months ago I did not see this coming in my business.

During my wait in the departure lounge, I listed out my timeline over the last year, and what I was super proud of achieving, and I wrote the following:

October 2015 – Hired a Coach to help me find my deep inner truth, purpose in life and show me how to monetise my gifts to create global impact.

November 2015 – Launched My Sweet Success, a pivotal point in my career.

December 2015 – Started coaching for FREE! Those clients went on to launch their new dream businesses.

January 2016 – Worked endlessly on my website, online presence and mastering my message.

February 2016 – Launched my website, my Facebook Group and continued to build my community.

March 2016 – Started blogging for Ulster’s largest glossy magazine, U Life, and was published in the Belfast Telegraph.

April 2016 – Graduated from my Coaching Program in Paris. Had an awesome last minute photo shoot in Paris. Joined high level influencers to grow my presence.

May 2016 – Hired a 1-1 coach to grow my biz further.

July 2016 – Hit 5 figures in my biz, wahoo! Was featured by Karen Millen. Began working with a world-renowned spiritual mentor and joined a high level mastermind.

August 2016 – Started to build a team to support me.

September 2016 – Launched a live group coaching program, ‘5 Figure Success’.

October 2016 – Launched ‘5 Figure Success’ as a digital course.

November 2016 – Currently experiencing my largest month in biz to date, and flying off to the States to learn more from my favorite spiritual mentor.

And I share this with you NOT to brag but TO SHOW YOU WHAT’S POSSIBLE when you align with people, mentors, clients and communities that are perfectly in sync with you and your truth.

You see, I was still searching for that deep inner truth, of how I could best serve my clients. I hired mentors to help me with my mindset and inner growth and combined it with ideal marketing strategies and systems to automate, grow and leverage my business.

I wasn’t afraid to do the searching, I let myself go there, I pushed through the pain, the emotions and the journey of doing that inner work, knowing that I was edging closer to My Sweet Success.

I woke up to a loud message one day that said, get yourself to your spiritual teacher. It hit me smack over the head! Every time I don’t move forward in business leading from that place of intuition, trust and guidance, I belly flop and fail. Literally!

In that moment I knew that I had to show up to you, my community, as your spiritual mentor and business coach.

I could no longer play hopscotch with my truth. You, my people need me to help you build a fierce spiritual business beyond your wildest dreams.

And so as I head on a plane across the globe, I’m filled with a serene peace, knowing that I’m doing the right next thing for my business.

Everything I’ve achieved above has been a result of taking massive action. I’ve led with my heart, I stopped wasting time and resources searching the internet, watching what other entrepreneurs do and I’ve NOT allowed my fears to take over.

I’m here to support women like you who want to impact the world, stop feeling like you HAVE to play small and lead with your inner truth to build your own global biz.

You can do it, you do deserve it and it’s waiting on you NOW!

Love and Light

Lynne xx

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