5 Steps To Stop Diluting Your Dreams

In my twenties, I had it all, the man, the car, the job, my health and lots of fun at the weekends.

Then one day a bombshell was dropped in our office. I’d no longer a secure full-time job. I was made redundant. In a matter of minutes, panic swept over me and all sense of security, abundance and worth vanished.

I’ll never forget that moment. 

But something inside of me quickly kicked in, it told me that everything would be OK.

After relentlessly searching for a new job, I just kept getting rejected. I threw myself into helping my then boyfriend, now hubby with his business and my mum with hers. Financially I was better off. I’d a shorter working day and my hours were flexible. During that time I discovered a newfound love for my home, my life and myself. It was then that I vowed to work for myself. However, I had no idea what to do.I had zero savings, and I didn’t know where to start and find out what truly lit me up.

Making that leap scared the life out of me and so I took the easy way out and accepted a well paid management job in the Civil Service. My manager was amazing, a true inspiration, however, for the next year I was bullied by a member of my team, a woman in her 50’s. Sleeping tablets became my new best friend. Anything to escape the mental torture.

I share this not to scare you but to inspire you that there is always a better way.

A really bizarre sequence of events led me to apply for a promotion within the same department, but away from my daily torment. This move led me into a project that was not starting for another 6 months. But I still had to show up, fill my day by surfing the net and staring out the window into the wooded surroundings.

I used to take my trainers with me and walk the grounds of the old hospital during my lunch break. This time to reflect allowed me to connect to the huge feeling of incompleteness that this job provided. And not just the job but my life in general. After lots of tears, tantrums and exhaustion, I finally decided that staying in my comfort zone was not serving me.

I announced to my partner that I wanted to open a shop, that I knew the ins and outs of the business so well that it would be easy for me to do. I wanted to have a shop that was a creation of my passion for fashion and would serve the young people of my town.

I used my time in that job to do my research, create my proposal and business plan for funding and set about planning my premises, shop fit, brands and trips abroad to source unique fashions.

There were many times that I wondered was I doing the right thing, would it work, would people buy, would suppliers allow me to stock their brands, there were so many sleepless nights, nerves and anxiousness. But the pain of staying in that job was far greater than following my passion.

For 8 years I threw everything I had into the shop, my marriage and my new arrivals; Oliver was born, followed by Harlowe and we got a puppy along the way.

It was an amazing time of personal growth, learning and standing up for what I believed in. Pleasing the public is not an easy task!

When I look back at that journey I see a girl in her twenties who had to grow up very quickly, become an entrepreneur, a wife and a mum, and wow I’m actually in awe of her.

She achieved so much before the age of 35. 

I can truthfully look back and know that I’ve gave life my best shot.

Can you look back and feel accomplished in your life?

Life’s just too short to hold yourself back from your dreams. Pop on some chillin’ vibes and grab your journal.

Now ask yourself these 5 questions:

1 What is it that your future self wants to see you achieve?

2 In what ways would she be proud of you?

3 What excuses do you need to drop NOW to live the life of your dreams?

4 How are you diluting your dreams to please other people, or to avoid discomfort or overwhelm, or to not appear in the limelight? This answer make make your squirm or sweat!

5 And finally make a list of what you vow to START doing TODAY!

Too often I chat with clients who’ve been diluting their dreams for years. It saddens me because I know that my success has been my decision, my creation and my absolute massive leap of faith. I’m honoured to show women across the world how to reach for their desires, stop playing small, realise their inner truth, step fully into their purpose and launch and grow businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

I’m taking a stand for you NOW to create your own reality, to tap into what is your divine calling and build a business that your future self will be super proud of!

Here’s to your amazing future!

Love and Light

Lynne xx

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