There’s no perfect TIME!

It’s so cliche, I’ve heard it all my whole life yet I find myself saying it on REPEAT lately.

There’s never a perfect time to settle down, to buy a house, to have a baby, to get a puppy, to take a holiday…

If I had of waited on the ‘perfect time’ I would be old and grey!

I would’ve missed that perfect partner, or that idyllic house or dream holiday.

When I think of all the monumental times in my life to start things or do things, none of them made sense.

I gave up a very well paid, ‘easy’ job as Project Manager for an IT project rollout in the Health Service to launch my dream clothing shop biz. This required significant time, energy, resources and financial investment, along with endless hours behind the scenes travelling, buying for the shop, sourcing shop fits, EPOS systems, interviewing staff, unpacking deliveries, labelling stock and serving customers 6 days a week.

To add to this workload I also got married within the first year of business and fell pregnant with Oliver who made me violently ill throughout 6 months of my pregnancy. Oh and when I was 20 weeks pregnant we bought a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, just to add to the crazy!

When I launched my coaching biz I did not have the money to work with my coach, everything was going against me in terms of perfect timing, but in my gut it made sense. It wasn’t logic, or timing or resources. It was deep inner knowing that I would be looked after. That this was the absolute best decision I could make for the good of my family and our future and the vision that I held, even though it was somewhat blurry.

So you see, by waiting on the perfect time to follow your dreams, to discover your deeper purpose in life and to put your gifts to the highest service possible, you’re simply waiting your dreams away. Denying them. Telling yourself an old story that you’re not worthy of success.

If I can share one big golden nugget of advice that my coach shared with me, it’s to make decisions based from where you want to go – NOT FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

This is a sure-fire winner to surprise you!

Simply shut your eyes. Draw 3-5 deep stomach breaths. And imagine being in that place of success, where anything you desire is possible and where you deserve everything in the world.

What would your future self decide? What would she tell you? What’s possible for you?

Would she tell you to wait? NO! She wouldnt because she knows that the only things keeping you from your success are your fears, your excuses and your playing small.

Honestly not waiting for perfection allows room for expansion, growth and magical surprises along the way.

Love and Light

Lynne xx 

“You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.” Marie Forleo

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