Your FEARS as an entrepreneur!

It creeps up on you.

You suddenly feel SICK TO THE STOMACH. You can’t do it. The sweat is lashing off you. What were you thinking? This means the World to you. Think about who you’re letting down. OMG who is going to see you? What will they say? You can’t do it. It’s just impossible.

Where can you hide? What excuse can you come up with to escape?

I’ve been there so many times. And I know you have too lovely.

I’ve thought I can do something, it’s the right next best thing to do and then at the very last minute I just can’t do it. I’ve been consumed by FEAR and that fear grips me by the throat and in that exact moment I’ve felt like I’d rather die.

Honestly that’s how fearful I used to be. Note how I say ‘used to be’.

On a recent teleclass with my previous coach, she had me on as a guest expert, which was an absolute honour, (sidenote: and one that I’ve manifested 3 times so far!), she introduced me and said “Lynne you’ve one of the most incredible mindsets I know…”.

WOW! To hear that about me from somebody that has mentored thousands of women across the globe was just incredible.

Suddenly I was aware that my mindset is actually my Herculean strength. The irony was I began coaching with said coach purely for my achilles heel – my mindset. Spooky right?

In that moment I knew I had to deliver. I knew I had to own my mindset skills and believe in them 200%, leaving zero room for fear on that call.

After all, FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s an illusion. It’s made up. It’s a story we tell ourself that we can easily un-tell and rewrite, and choose a happy ending.

Yes lovely, you can decide not to let fear rule the show and visit you at crucial times in your business. You can upgrade that illusion to one of reality, allowing you to step fully into your truth and own your authentic power as an entrepreneur.

Not quite feeling it?

It takes time. But it can be learnt. There are various stages of learning we can go through to adopt a new mindset, own it and live it out. And the results are amazing. After the FEAR comes the prize.

-The heart warming messages from people who’ve lives you’ve impacted.

-The next unbelievable opportunity for growth in your business.

-A door that opens and brings in your absolute dream clients.

-Or that vision you’ve been holding magically manifests right before your eyes.

Today, I invite you to give up FEAR to the ghosts of Halloween and choose love instead.

-Choose to grow, choose to learn and choose to have a stellar mindset.

-Choose to share your story, choose to show-up and choose to trust your intuition.

Just one year ago, I chose to give up trying to fit into a box that made me feel suffocated. I decided to not care about other people’s opinions of me and I ignored the laughter and rumours that came back to me.

Yea there were days that were harder than others but it’s been so worth it. And those people that laughed behind my back, they’re still hiding behind their daily Halloween masks. Still living in fear and still doing the same thing day, day out.

Meanwhile I’ve upgraded everything in my life and business. The only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Anything is possible when you follow your heart and smash through those fears lovely.

Love and light


PS: I understand it’s difficult to push through those fears alone. Perhaps you don’t even know what your fears are but feel consumed by them.

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L xx

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