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This time last year I had a really big goal to achieve in my network marketing business, to reach the promotion of Area Manager.

I remember the stress, the anxiety, the ‘what if’ I don’t make it feelings. The feelings of failure creeping in, not letting go and people pleasing. I should have been excited with my adrenaline pumping, running that race completely and wholeheartedly.

As intended I reached that goal on 31st August 2015. I was proud but not fulfilled in the way I thought I would be.

The deep truth was,I felt like it was forced. Like it wasn’t what the Universe had intended for me and I was right.

That deep inner knowing, there’s nothing quite like it.

You see I was forcing my future. By reaching for someone else’s goals, by not allowing myself to discover what my calling in life was and by glossing over the fun part of my life without being honest about the struggles too.

Thank goodness I was able to course correct and get the help I needed to get me on my right path.

The minute I began to work with my coach, she guided me, took me on a journey of inner discovery and really held that space for me to learn to love myself again, discover what lit me up in my core and draw out my beliefs, my passions and my higher purpose in life.

The transformation was magical.

I went from a closed and anxious person, always listening to voices in my head that I wasn’t good enough, nobody would buy from me and therefore not having faith in myself. To blossoming into the most awakened and expansive form of my soul, to allowing goodness to come into my life and open me up for further alignment and growth.

The results were:

-The launch of the most purpose driven business I have ever owned

-The utmost fulfillment ever

-Soulful connections deep within me,and with other soul sisters all over the World!

AKA, more clients, more time and more money!

I no longer have to follow someone else’s dream, I get to create my own future and manifest the life I desire. How cool is that?!

With the right help, mentorship and guidance, you too can step into your higher purpose, call in everything you desire in your life and business and leave your real life struggles behind.

All day Monday’s are spent coaching my clients. And yesterday was a day of helping my clients move through their limiting beliefs, undoing years of tangled chains that others had imposed on them and freeing them up to move further into alignment.

I love my work! How many people can honestly say that?

Let’s make this your year to LOVE yourself and to absolutely LOVE your work too!

Love and Light

Lynne xx

PS: The doors have opened for my group program 5 FIGURE SUCCESS where a limited number of ladies will be given the tools to create their dream business!

Imagine dreamer, waking up and knowing that you are able to do exactly as you please in your business, that you can carve out success and that you can decide to go from hobby status to successful in your business.

We start on 6th September so grab your spot here and take advantage of the extended payment plan!!!


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