I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!

I’m going to share something amazing with you about the power of setting intentions.

So for the last few years part of my daily routine has been to get crystal clear on how I want my life and business to look. Admittedly in the early days I was quite ‘wishy washy’ with my intentions, they were broad and generic. Funny enough, I never saw any of them come to fruition. I could’ve easily give up!

But then I did some research, like attracts like right? So if I was being ‘wishy washy’, the Universe was giving me ‘wishy washy’. It was throwing things at me that teased me and got in the way of my deeper purpose. So I decided to get smart!

The minute I changed how I wrote my intentions, BOOM I started to see my intentions manifest.

Just yesterday morning I was scrolling through an email from my favorite British fashion retailer Karen Millen and I had to do a double take, my photo was on there (!!!) I was actually featured in their email blast which went out to millions of people! HONESTLY I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

Not because I’ve always loved their clothes and shopped there for 16 years, saving to buy their new bustier top every season, when my student friends were shopping from cheaper shops like Primark and Topshop. But because one of my intentions was to be featured by Karen Millen.

Yup last year I had set that intention, I even drew a v-neck dress with a flare in my journal (the dress style I was photographed in by Amanda Julca in Paris) and yesterday it happened. Crazy right?

Another intention I set was to be featured by my private coach. Earlier this year I was the guest expert on her teleclass for 700+ guests.

Other intentions I’ve set that have come true recently include, getting help with my website, getting help with my Facebook stuff, attracting my absolute ideal client, a photoshoot in Paris, a monthly blog in one of Ireland’s largest glossy magazines, bringing in money and much more! I even set intentions for the results that my clients desire to achieve.

Intentions are so powerful in shaping what we co-create in our life and business.

Where to start?

1 Get clear on what you desire

2 Set the intention to bring about your desires – Important – set them as if they’ve happened!

3 Affirm your intentions DAILY

This is an area I go deep on with my private 1-1 clients, getting crystal clear on what life and business you desire and working intentionally towards that.

Life does not have to be all hustle and grind. The divine feminine part of you craves your attention. When you allow yourself some time to journal, meditate or ground yourself you will be rewarded. Grab a pen today and start listing out your heart’s desires then your intentions. It might shock you that you haven’t ever done this or let it fall to the way side. Don’t be hard on yourself, just enjoy the process.

Above all soul sister, keep the faith that amazing things will happen to you, that your dreams can come true and that you can decide today to create your own version of success!

My 1-1 Private coaching program, Sweet Success Darling recently launched and the ladies that have joined so far are having amazing results. Here’s what one client said:

“I’m pretty sure working with you has changed my life Lynne! So far just the clarity that I’ve gotten from our very first 2 hour call alone has made it worthwhile! I have struggled for years trying to define my business (and by extension, myself) and find my target market so that I could start implementing some successful marketing strategies, and after 2 hours on the phone with you, I finally had it. I had the whole big picture idea of who I am and how I am here to serve.”

You deserve to set your own powerful intentions, get crystal clear on your future and manifest it to happen. Believe and you will receive!

Love and light

“When your life is on course with its purpose, you are at your most powerful. And though you may stumble, you will not fall.

 – Oprah Winfrey

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