Your Inner Child wants you to leap!

I knew I had to do it but I didn’t know where to start.

I’d wasted enough time thinking about it, wishing for it and watching others do it.

The day I ‘made the leap’ was the turning point.

I could have stayed where I was, a stay at home mum, looking for work but not knowing what would be a push to stimulate me, stretch me and allow my dreams to take shape.

I was always told off as a child for staring out the window in the classroom, for having my head stuck in the latest Enid Blyton Famous Five book and for doodling endlessly for hours.

This inner child was still within me, bursting to get out. But truthfully I’d forgotten about her. I’d ignored her, allowed her to be subsurface, and to be unheard.

Have you done this lovely?

Recently this inner child has been really present in my life. I’ve allowed her to remind me of the best days of my life, spent running freely in the country, being creative in my colourful dreams and sharing my ‘I wish’ and ‘adventure’ stories. I was the free spirit, the artist, the creative, the black sheep and the square peg in the round hole. Despite being an identical twin, we had very opposite strengths, my mum was always amazed.

So the leap was my inner child literally jumping out of my body, reminding me of those massive dreams for myself and my family’s future, encouraging me to just go for it!

My obsession was with photos of exotic locations, gold Versace style hotels, luxurious fabrics, that freedom to dream, to be creative and to read endless books with no knowledge or time.

My desire was to culturally educate my children, to eat amazing food and drink fine wines, to chill out for hours with girlfriends, to indulge in annual retreats, to connect to myself, to teach, to write, to speak, to be an influencer, to prioritise our health and wellness and to create a phenomenal legacy for others to duplicate.

Are you in tune with your desires or have you turned down the volume so far that they are on mute?

Do you wait for the ducks to line up before you say YES? Honestly that used to be me. During my 8 years self employed in the retail industry, I would wait for clients, hope for publicity and pray for money to reinvest in my business, to scale and grow. The moment I realised how unrealistic that was, I filled was filled with limitless hope to call in everything I wanted. You too beauty have that power.

I knew my desire was to create something big and exciting, it was to help entrepreneurs and it was to be present in my children’s lives. That was it!

And I said YES! I committed to making it happen. I had no business plan, I had no funding, I had no backup plan. 10 years ago those were statutory requirements for launching my retail business. 

I had faith and belief and an iPhone and that was it!

Honestly looking back on this venture, I still can’t believe I made that leap but truthfully I would not change anything.

I have created, I have launched, I have ran freely, I have made mistakes, I have course corrected and I have listened to my mentors.

I’ve been surrounded by women with big dreams, who want to choose their future, who want to be leaders and who want to reincarnate their inner child.

I feel like that young girl, swinging for hours on the tree swing, hair blowing in the wind, with no concept of time.

I encourage you today to consider making the leap, to follow your desires and to go for what you want in life NOW.

No more waiting, no more pretending you’re happy and no more watching others step into their dream life.

You are meant for big things beautiful. I trust you listen to that voice inside you and reconnect to your biggest asset, YOU.

Love and light

Lynne xx









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