Day of the Goddess!

Day of the Goddess: Are you feeling it this Friday 13th?

Typically this would be considered an unlucky day but for me it’s always been lucky. I sat my first big exam in primary school which I passed, I passed my driving test, I got accepted to university and I graduated from my BA Hon’s all on Friday 13th.

There’s a special energy floating about today, full of divine femininity encouraging you to step up into your power, pursue what you love and celebrate who you are. (Elizabeth Peru)

Last year I took the life changing decision to step up into my power, when I embarked on a group coaching program.

In my head I maintained that absolutely nobody would understand what I was doing. Most of my friends were happy to maintain the status quo in their lives. They are in their 30’s and 40’s, they enjoy going to work and coming home from work and doing normal family activities. My family has always been different as we have ran businesses and always been busy being busy. All I desired was freedom to create choices for us all.

I certainly didn’t tell my family about the latest venture I was pursuing in the entrepreneurial world for fear that I would be classed a serial entrepreneur. Fear has such a grip on everyday life…if we let it.

Stepping into my power has been life changing because:

I’ve learnt to side-step fear

I’ve become fulfilled from my deepest core

I’m empowered in making decisions

I’m authentic in living now

I no longer go to bed full of regrets for that day

I’ve took control over my future and my family’s future

I’m creating choices and freedom for myself and my family

I’m touching the hearts, lives and businesses of my clients (most moving of all)

I’m giving real women their power back

I’ve removed numerous money blocks and I’m open to receiving

I’ve made incredible friends with world wide leaders

I’ve learnt to action my desires….

Believe me the list goes on!

I want the same for you. Don’t be afraid because on the other side of fear the unimaginable can take place. The dreams you have now become bigger and more colourful. You become brave, fearless, resilient, empowered and you become a beacon of light for all around you.

How would it feel to wake up everyday with a defiant passion for life, meaningful purpose for your work and to radiant your energetic vibrancy on your community?

To know that every step you take is in the right soul nourishing direction. To teach others to substitute fear for faith. To fulfill your divine plan for life.

I didn’t know last year that when I opened Facebook and scrolled down the feed that my life would change. I didn’t know that I had just met a mentor that would change my entire thoughts, actions and ability to lead and shine my light.

I urge you today to do something that will move you closer to your dreams. Buy a book, share a post, write a blog or get on a clarity call with me TODAY. I work with mums, product or service based business owners, healers, creatives and many more ordinary people with big dreams.

I’d love to hear from you. You deserve everything and more that is planned for you already.

Love and light

Lynne xx


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