What I know for real…

I just wanted to inspire you on such a beautiful morning.

For any of you that are following my DAILY SOUL PRACTICE, you will be familiar with the gratitudes list.

This morning one of my gratitudes was that I am so thankful to work with inspiring empowering women from all around the world. These women graduated from the intensive coaching program we were part of, in Paris in April.

Let me share some of their incredible successes.

Alexandra has swapped her London life for Singapore where she is currently setting up her luxury light retreat for soulpreneurs.

Kate, an energy mentor and chakra coach from New York, has took her business from hobby status to 5 figure months every month.

Sarah, a mum of two under two has just made ten times more than her hubby in one month and now RETIRED him from his job.

In just 7 months these women’s lives have changed significantly. It’s not just about the income, but about their ability to hurdle fear, to push forward despite resistance from the ego voice in their head and the bamboo like resilience they have developed as entrepreneurs, allowing them to take the rough with the smooth on their fast paced journeys.

As women generally we have been born good. Over the years society has conditioned us to think negative thoughts, to put ourselves last and to pretend everything is our lives is perfect.

Having worked with clients from all walks of life, I can assure you YOU have everything in your power (and I’m not talking materials things) to change your everyday existence starting TODAY.

I had a beautiful video from my coach this weekend and she was sharing her story from earlier this year of when she was faced with a large $8k investment and had to decide if it was worth it for her business.

What I found so empowering was that she doesn’t think about the cost of the investment, she thinks about the opportunities that the investment will bring about.

“She thinks about the opportunities that the investment will bring about”

So from that decision to snap up the opportunity she had her article published in Business Insider (wowee!) which attracted her a VIP client to her new group program and brought her in $8k!

I share this with you to show what’s possible when your mindset moves past that ‘keeping you stuck’ point.

Where in your life are you being conditioned to:

-Saying NO

-Be stuck in the same thought pattern

-ignore that voice in your head that’s urging you to do something

-put your dreams in the cupboard under the stairs

-put yourself LAST

-being Ok with settling

Here’s WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE (best Oprah voice…)

-That God/Universe/Higher Power does not have small plans for you

-That it’s super empowering to make decisions quickly

-That one event of “saying YES” can change EVERYTHING in your life

-That playing small and safe does not serve YOU

-That being unsure means you are GROWING

-That being unclear means you have greater CLARIFICATION to come

-That no matter what your dreams, there are people out there that will fully support you

-That in ten years time those around you will thank you for the woman you have grown to be

-That you are still reading this as you know you are meant for so much MORE

-That GUIDANCE is a wonderful GIFT that you deserve

I hope I continue to inspire you wherever in the world you are!

“Sometimes we get so focused on the difficulty of our climb that we lose sight of being grateful for simply having a mountain to climb” – Oprah Winfrey

Love and Light

Lynne xx

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