To the place where you can finally achieve limitless success.

There was a time in my life where success seemed so far away and far too scary to even reach for, that I felt drawn inward to my heart and soul. A sacred escape if you like.

The deeper I went, the more guided I felt, the more steps I took that were joyful and the more flow I discovered. It was unlike anything I 'd ever experienced before. The old me, thought I had to hustle for money, work extra hard to hit goals and say YES to everything.

Fast forward to today and I work with high level mentors, travel the World, spend lots of time with my kids and adore my spiritual path. Spiritual? Yes spiritual!

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Don't freak out, I'm not living like a monk or anything, although the temptation is there! I'm simply bringing in my higher self, my fabulous other half, who's amazing. She helps me to tap into the energy of the highest good, align with Universal power and kickass in life and business.

My desire is for you to rise beyond your vision of success to allow miracles into your everyday life and business.

If you're not having miracles daily there is something wrong. Or maybe you are simply not ALLOWING miracles. Just know you are not alone in blocking the path to your dream life and business. Once those blocks are removed you will see clearly, easily step into your greatest self and attract everything you desire. Manifestation, alignment and clarity will be your new BFF.



These are currently the ways to work with me:

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Exclusively, by invitation only, Align & Arise a private coaching program.

Consider this the ultimate spiritual and success elixir. Supercharged with mindset, energy and Law of Attraction strategies, dedicated to support you the healer, spiritual coach or energy worker.

Align & Arise will help you the powerhouse woman, get into soul alignment so that finally achievement and alignment are possible, helping you live the best life possible.

Openings for September 2018 now available.

Email info@lynnetaggart.com to apply.

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Sacred Rising, a private luxury success day for the spiritual woman who is beyond excited to quantum leap her success, life and business and invite in change immediately.

She will decide that spirituality and success is for her today and grab one of these limited spots for 2018. Currently taking bookings for a luxury spa resort in IRELAND, October 2018.

Private luxury success day for the powerhouse woman who is beyond excited to quantum leap her success, life and business and begin change immediately.

Email info@lynnetaggart.com to apply.

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Soul Biz Mastery, for the establishing entrepreneur who desires to find her flow, earn the wealth she truly deserves and attract her first premium paying clients.

With life-changing orientation work, a simple modular framework to establish, launch and grow your business to 6 figures, suitable for any female entrepreneur.