I’m now taking books for private sessions where you and I can go deep! We can work on a specific area to ensure you get results fast and your expectations are met.

love Lynne XO

The Miracle

Book a distance session to uncover your blocks and move into a new energetic vibration.

If you’re struggling to get clarity, to stay focused or to achieve your goals Lynne will help you to get to the root of the issue. Lynne works with her guides and will channel the messages you need to hear.

This is perfect for women who feel they’re going round in circles in life or business. Or fed up living in hustle, lack and burning out.

With a new perspective you can move forward with ease, courage and certainty.

Lynne will also suggest essential oils to support you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

60 mins £111


The Transformation

Book an online session with Lynne to learn how to upgrade your health and wellness using dōTERRA Essential Oils.

This session will be bespoke to your daily needs, desires and your level of commitment.

You’ll leave with a 3 month plan including where to start with oils, and what to expect over the next few months.

Lynne will keep you touch with you to ensure you stay on track and committed to your goals.

Your dōTERRA oils products will be an additional cost.

Open to non dōTERRA account holders.

60 mins £111